10 Summer Things I’m Looking Forward To!

Hallo, Leute! So, with finals coming to a close, I’m really anxious for summer to just arrive! But I’m excited for summer break to finally come around so I thought that I’d write about some of the things I’m really looking forward to in summer!

1. Good weather! In Seattle, you get pretty used to rain consistently throughout the year but in the summer time, we oftentimes get some nice weather and that is something I always look forward to!

2. More leisure time! During finals I get swamped in studying and don’t get to do as much reading and writing as I’d like so I look forward to being able to do these things when summer comes!

3. Sleeping in late(r)! I look forward to this anytime I don’t have to go to school, but I look forward to months of being able to sleep in later than usual in the summer!

4. The fourth of July! It’s been years since I’ve spent a proper Independence Day with my family and I am so excited to be able to be around this time and just join in the festivities, celebrating our nation’s independence!

5. Being able to spend my birthday at home! Like the issue with the fourth of July, I haven’t been able to spend my birthday at home for the past couple of years but this year, I will be able to and I’m so excited to!

6. Walks in the park! Seattle’s full of pretty parks and just nice places to hang out on warm days and so I’m looking forward to that sort of thing! I always look forward to going to the troll bridge and kite hill in Seattle in the summer!

The Fremont Troll in Seattle!
Kite Hill/Gas Works Park in Seattle!

7. Camping! I love camping, especially in the summer time when it’s not cold outside! So, hopefully I’ll be able to go camping for at least a few days this summer!

8. Family Olympics! My dad’s side of the family does a family Olympics thing every year and while I don’t generally participate in the games, I love watching them and keeping the scoreboard up to date (as that’s usually my job)! But I might join in for a few events this year!

9. Watching some Mariners games! As I’m writing this, I’m actually watching the Mariners game on TV but man, nothing quite beats a day out at Safeco field! This year’s been one of those weird years in which I haven’t gone to see a game yet but hopefully I will see a few this summer!

10. Doing some photoshoots with my cousins! My aunt’s a photographer so she likes to take pictures of my cousins and I and apparently she’s got something fun planned for a July photoshoot and I’m pretty excited!

Renaissance photoshoot I did with my aunt a few years ago! Photo credit to my aunt!


So, that’s ten things I’m looking forward to this summer! What things are you looking forward to? Vielen Dank und tschüss!


20 thoughts on “10 Summer Things I’m Looking Forward To!

  1. There are things I miss when I am in Boiling Springs. Boiling Springs is literally in the middle of nowhere and there isn’t much to do. Charlotte is such a big city. Well, ready to go for walks on the greenway, just spending time with family, attending a wedding in August, the Les Mis party that is happening on the 20th of this month where I will be dressing up as Eponine, reading Oliver Twist (love reading the classics in between semesters because I love the challenge of trying to read one and finish in a limited amount and virtually the only time I can read them, putting together my Broadway puzzle that my sister gave me for Christmas last year, even doing more paintings. Hopefully doing something outside of Charlotte over break


      1. Charlotte is a wonderful city. I miss going to Amelie’s, a French Style Cafe, and will be fun getting to go. I even have to work again. Will be fun just being able to spend time at the mall. Just there are so many things to do in Charlotte


      2. Definitely sounds like it! It’s been a while since I’ve been in Seattle–or Washington state even–for the summer so I’m looking forward to doing all of the things that I always used to do in the summer!


      3. Boiling Springs literally only has one stoplight, which is why Gardner Webb is in the middle of nowhere. I grew up in Charlotte and am glad I grew up in a big city. Due to growing up there and still living there, it allows me to continue seeing musicals since all of the touring shows always comes to Charlotte.

        This is crazy to say, but this is literally going to be my last summer break because next year is my last year of college.


      4. I have been in college since 2012. My first two years were at community college and I felt like I wasn’t getting the full college experience. But when I transferred to Gardner Webb Spring 2015, I felt like I got the full college experience and I have grown a lot at college.

        For me, I am tired of finals, tests, and some academic stuff. But love doing things that Student Activities arranges, going to their theatre productions and being house manager for a year through the theatre department, spending time with my club, the memories I created with friends, special dorm nights, the Gathering.

        It took me a while to enter graduation because I didn’t declare a major until Fall 2015. I had to defer Fall of 2014, which added to that as well. Even having to take classes like Old and New Testament since Gardner Webb is a Christian University. Now with this semester, having declared two minors. So everything adds up. The way classes line up, etc


      5. Sounds like quite a journey! I also started with community college. Originally, I wanted to stop after getting my AA degree but my mom convinced me to go for my Bachelor degree! I think that, perhaps, I don’t enjoy college as much as other people but I think that it’s a great experience and like you said, a lot of great memories can be formed there


      6. Community college actually felt like advanced high school. Of course, good memories came out of community college, but felt like I was missing something from my college experience. I volunteered on Martin Luther King Day both years at CPCC, volunteered through Alternative Spring, and even went to the theatre there as well. The first show I ever saw at my community college was Godspell. This sounds amazing, but in the second year, I decided to become an usher at community college.

        This was in 2013 and crazily enough, my community college put on a production of Les Mis so I signed up to be an usher twice for that show and got to see it once with my family. It might have been a community college production, but it was phenomenal and felt professional. That was why my total number of times seeing the stage was 4 times because as ushers we had to actually watch the productions. I only saw Les Mis once with a professional company, the West End, and while my community college production had a phenomenal cast, the cast in the West End had a cast that was 10X better (that says a lot about how I felt about my West End cast).

        But with Gardner Webb, what I felt was missing was there. I felt like at community college, it did not really allow me to grow much in maturity and spiritually. With Gardner Webb, have a bigger social life and have that feeling of independence.


      7. That definitely makes sense!! Sounds like you’ve had quite the college experience! I completely understand what you mean about Community College feeling like advanced high school! However, I think that one thing I liked better about Community College is how small it was compared to University. I kinda feel swamped in such a large environment.


      8. Well, my community college consisted of six different campuses. It is one of the biggest community colleges in North Carolina. I went to the Main Campus which was downtown and went by bus.

        Gardner Webb is a small college as a matter of fact. There are only about 2,000 to 3,000 or so undergraduates. Thats how small it is especially considering how small Boiling Springs is. I don’t swamped in this college at well.


      9. Oh, wow! My community college only had about 25 buildings that were rather small! The University of Washington is a pretty large school so, having gone to small schools my whole life, I get lost easily!


      10. My high school was really small compared to both community college and university. My high school, when I graduated had a graduating class of 14. Community college was next and two classes I took maybe had 50 kids in one class and the rest were the regular average of like 25 or so.

        Glad I picked a small university. I didn’t want to get lost easily thats for sure. I wanted to be able to have a small knit group of friends. At my university, you always seem to see the same people around. Everyone seems to know me it seems and know I am a musical fanatic and my obsession with Les Mis.


      11. That does sound like a really nice community! I see a lot of people at the university but I don’t know most of them nor have I talked to most of them ever. I really wish that I had chosen a smaller university but my mom thinks that the big university environment will help break me out of my shell a little. So, as much as I kinda feel like I’m drowning in that environment, it’s not all bad, I guess!


      12. It is a nice community. Our suites and apartments are on Campus, but still separate as they right across from a lake. You tend to see some of the same people attending the Gathering. Someone once told that God wanted me at Gardner Webb because I bring light to the Campus. Gardner Webb’s community feels like my extended family, my club feels like my immediate family while this social group I am a part of feels like my mini family


      13. That sounds like a really nice, supportive community!! I kinda wish that I’d chosen to go to a smaller school but I feel like going to a bigger school has given me the opportunity to do a lot of people studies which is really helpful to me


      14. I am learned the importance of doing things outside of my comfort zone, I am strengthened my spirituality, maturity (but doesn’t seem to show when I am home due to always arguing with my sister). I have discovered a lot about myself during my time here at Gardner Webb. It is really difficult to describe how much Gardner Webb has allowed me to grow.

        I feel like if I went to a much bigger school, I would constantly get lost and feel really overwhelmed and will get too distracted big time.


      15. Definitely! I’m always getting lost at the university but I do really like it there when the weather’s nice enough for me to study outside as the cherry blosoms are gorgeous, especially in the spring and early summer!


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