Favorite Musical Dance Sequences?

Hallo, Leute! The sun’s out in Seattle and it is sure a rare thing that we’re all cherishing over here! It feels like summer’s just about here! Anyways, today, I thought that I’d talk a little about some of my favorite dance scenes from musicals! Musicals have beautiful songs, but the dance scenes are some of my favorite moments in musicals! So, los geht’s!

1. Pretty much all of NEWSIES – One of the reasons I love NEWSIES so much is found in how much dance and absolute excitement is tied to it! It’s such a fun musical and the dances all throughout are so much fun to watch!

2. “Masquerade” from THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA – One of the most visually stunning musicals I’ve ever come across is PHANTOM and in “Masquerade” we see so many beautiful costumes. But the dance sequence is also very beautiful as well!

3. “Hannibal Ballet” and “Il Muto Ballet” from THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA – Both of these ballet sequences in PHANTOM are absolutely beautiful! I’ve always loved ballet and the implementation of these ballet sequences into the musical were absolutely perfect, I think!

4. “Who Will Buy This Beautiful Morning?” from OLIVER! – This is one of the most vivid dance scenes I have in my mind to this day. It was also one of the first that I was ever exposed to and I fell in love with it then and there. To this day when I watch the movie, I get so excited!

5. Pretty much all of CATS – Like NEWSIES, CATS is a musical that is filled with amazing dance scenes. The choreography of CATS is absolutely amazing and I love watching it!

6. “A Musical” from SOMETHING ROTTEN! – This is a really fun, huge mid-Act I dance scene that is quite literally a showstopper. It’s just an amazingly choreographed song, with all of the tap dancing and overall just magical feel to it! It’s a scene that I absolutely adore!

7. “Wenn ich tanzen will” [If I Want to Dance] from ELISABETH – All throughout ELISABETH, there are some pretty great dance scenes but this is one of my favorites, I think. The sets, the costumes, everything is so beautiful and I think that the choreography really fits the characters!

8. “Totale Finsternis” [Total Darkness] from TANZ DER VAMPIRE – This is just an absolutely amazingly beautiful scene. Everything is so beautiful in the castle and all of the costumes are stunning. But the dance sequence with Sarah and the Count is just absolutely majestic and I love it. Sarah’s dress is also stunning (of course)!

9. “Alfred’s Nightmare” from TANZ DER VAMPIRE – I think that TANZ DER VAMPIRE was the first musical that really made me think: “Wow! This choreography is great!” And I think a lot of that has to do with this scene. This scene has super amazing, creepy choreography and man, I love it!

10. “Ten Minutes Ago” from CINDERELLA – This one’s one from my childhood and man, I absolutely adore this scene. It’s one of those scenes that really fill me with nostalgia and I just love the whole waltz thing! It has a very fairytale-like feeling to it!


And that’s it for me today! What are your favorite dance scenes from musicals? Danke und tschüss!


9 thoughts on “Favorite Musical Dance Sequences?

  1. One big reason why I love Newsies is due to the mind-blowing dance it has. These boys are flipping, jumping high up in the air, the high jumps, sliding under each other, jumping over each other, tap, ballet. Just some of the best dance ever. Newsies will always have dance that stands out

    The reason why I love the dancing in Wicked is because it all feels OZian. Everything about it feels like it only belongs in OZ.


      1. People are surprised why Les Mis isn’t better than Wicked. Well, I have my reasons why both are neck in neck tied with each other. Wicked carries my vision of musicals better than Les Mis.

        Wicked has the comic aspect I am looking for, all five main emotions, the strong emotional connection, and moments of dance of spectacle.

        Les Mis doesn’t have the spectacle and dance nature at all. But things make up for that missing element. I find Les Mis to be more powerful and more emotional than Wicked is. How powerful, epic, emotional, and passionate Les Mis is what makes up for its loss of spectacle and dance


      2. Yeah, I 100% agree. The one thing that I feel Les Miz is lacking is that spectacle. While I realize that it wouldn’t work well with the story that it’s telling but I definitely do think that not having that spectacle does go against that vision of musicals that I’ve built up from my childhood


      3. I wasn’t thrown off by the spectacle or dance. I had trained myself to believe all musicals were happy. So I was thrown off by its tragic nature.

        But as my journey continued, I learned to fall in love with its tragic nature. Due to the loss of dance and spectacle, it proved that I can still love a musical without those aspects. I learned to see how the spiritual side and the tragic side interlock together.

        I have gotten used to Les Mis being tragic and it not be being big on dance or spectacle.


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