“The First Date Musical Tag”! 

Hallo, Leute! So, as I’m recovering from my flu, I thought that I’d do the “First Date Book Tag” except… with musicals! Hopefully this is fun! As I was reading over the questions some musicals just instantly came to mind so hopefully it’ll be fun for y’all to think about too! Anyways, los geht’s!
1. The awkward first date – a musical where something felt off. It wasn’t a bad musical, but lacked that spark for you

For this one, I definitely have to go with THE KING AND I. I think that I’m kinda the minority on this one, but I’m not a huge fan of THE KING AND I. I don’t know quite what it was, I didn’t really like this musical all that much. It wasn’t bad. It just wasn’t one that really clicked with me.

2. The cheap first date – musical that turned out less than you expected

I’m kinda having trouble thinking of one for this… but… I think that I will go with MY FAIR LADY. I don’t really know what it was about this musical—maybe it was the fact that I had the flu when I watched it—but man, this musical really didn’t live up to my expectations. I think that the fact that I knew it had gotten a lot of awards kinda led me to have high expectations but as I watched, it kinda just fell flat for me.

3. Well-prepared first date – musical that was better than expected

PIPPIN. I originally found out about PIPPIN through my high school civics/economics teacher. He knew that I liked musicals so he gave me a copy of the PIPPIN revival cast recording (he had two) and told me that it was his favorite musical. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from it but I gave it a listen and man, I fell in love with it!

4. Pretty on the outside, not so pretty on the inside – pretty costume/set design but songs weren’t strong

So, for this, I could go with THE KING AND I again but I think I’ll use FINDING NEVERLAND for this answer. This is probably another somewhat unpopular opinion of mine. It’s not that I dislike FINDING NEVERLAND but the songs just never really clicked with me. I’ve never actually seen the musical—only listened to the CD—so maybe if I actually saw it that would change something? I don’t know. But the set and costumes look stunning from what I can tell from pictures. The songs just didn’t click with me.

5. Blind date – musical you went into not knowing anything about it

INTO THE WOODS! So, the first time I watched INTO THE WOODS, I knew pretty much nothing about it. I knew that it had fairytale characters but that was about it. The first time I saw the musical, I thought it was kinda boring—liked the songs though!—and was left kinda on the fence in terms of what I thought of it. However, after watching it a second time and listening to the music over and over again, I really fell in love with the musical!

Another musical that could fit in this category would be LES MISÉRABLES. I didn’t really know all that much about the story and due to that, I was unable to immediately fall in love with it. However, after giving it a second chance—so glad that I did!—it became one of my favorite musicals.

6. Speed dating – musical you fell in love with super fast

Definitely got to go with ELISABETH for this one, I think. I fell in love with ELISABETH after seeing a trailer for it. I got a general sense of the plot and characters and heard some of the songs and I just knew that it was going to become my next musical obsession! And boy, I was right. After watching that trailer I listened to all of the songs and by then, I was sold.

7. The rebound – a musical you watched/listened to too soon after discovering a musical you absolutely fell in love with and by comparison, this musical just seemed… flat

Hmm. For this one, I think that I’ll go with WAITRESS. So, there are several songs from WAITRESS that I actually really, really love and all-in-all, I do want to see this musical someday. But… listening to this musical almost immediately after listening to and falling in love with ELISABETH kinda watered WAITRESS down for me a little, I think.

8. Overly enthusiastic date – a musical that felt like it was trying too hard

Ooh! Definitely DRACULA. It was the Graz (Austria) production that I watched and well… it just felt like it was trying too hard to be well… good. Costumes were flashy—not in a good way—acting was overdone, and in general, the plot (especially the finale) just screamed “Pay attention to me! This is really special!” …Except, by the end of it, I was still not believing it.

9. The perfect first date – musical that did everything right for you

So, the first musical that really comes to mind for this one is THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. While PHANTOM is not one of my top 3 favorites, it definitely hit all of my expectations of a “good musical.” I was left utterly stunned by PHANTOM and man, I still am in total awe of how amazing this musical is.

Another musical that fits here is ELISABETH. When it comes to ELISABETH, we also have a musical that hits all of the marks. It’s got great dance, great costumes, great songs, great characters, and great plot! Above all else, though, ELISABETH has a really unique factor to it that makes it really special and that was what initially drew me into it. This musical is one that I think shows human emotion better than any musical I’ve seen before.

Then, we’ve got LES MIZ. I said that ELISABETH portrays human emotion better than I’ve ever seen any musical do before, but when it comes to LES MIZ, I must say that I’ve never seen quite as amazing a portrayal of humanity as a whole. While I can’t say that LES MIZ has everything that I expect of a musical—dance, mostly—I will say that I understand why having elements like dance wouldn’t work with LES MIZ.

I’m going to mention A TALE OF TWO CITIES for this one as well. Man, this musical doesn’t get enough recognition. It’s absolutely beautiful. I highly recommend checking out the DVD of the concert if you’re interested—it’s very well done!—because I don’t think you’ll regret it. It’s a musical that really pulls tears to the eyes and it’s just overall stunning. Like LES MIZ, it’s lacking a lot of dance but really, dance wouldn’t fit well into the musical, I think. I will, however, say that the blocking and stage direction for this musical is really well done and I think that that almost makes up for it if you know what I mean.

And last, but not least, we’ve got WICKED. Ah, WICKED. I think that WICKED is one of those musicals that is just spectacular to watch. You watch it and you get transported as it were, straight to Oz and that’s an amazing feeling, I think. While I don’t think that I can, by any means, say that WICKED is a flawless musical, its strong nostalgic appeal and its overall strength as a musical makes it one of my favorite musicals even to this day.

10. Humiliating first date – musical you’re embarrassed to admit you liked for whatever reason

Oh, man. I think that for this one, I’m going to go with CATS. CATS gets a pretty bad reputation mostly due to its seemingly lackluster plot but I think that there’s a lot to get out of CATS and it’s a musical that I really do love and hold dear to my heart. I won’t say it’s perfect, but it is a musical that I think oftentimes gets a lot of bad reception just because well… it’s not a typical musical. I’m not necessarily embarrassed to admit that I like CATS but I do feel that in some communities, one might get somewhat… judged(?) for saying that they like CATS.


Anyways, that’s it for me! What would your answers to these questions be? Vielen Dank und tschüss!


6 thoughts on ““The First Date Musical Tag”! 

  1. 1. King and I would fit in this one too. Like you I didn’t fall in love with it. I thought it had beautiful costumes. But the songs did not hit it well for except for “Getting to Know You”, “Shall We Dance” and “I Whistle a Happy Tune”. It isn’t a bad musical, but still a good one, but not an amazing one.

    3. It is crazy where you see a musical unsure if you would actually love it or not. Les Mis did just that. All I knew was one song and really had no opinion on whether or not I would like it. So 1st viewing I did not see Les Mis for what it was and only could see the heartbreaking side of it. If I had known Les Mis was to be tragic, I would would not have gone or would have been a better experience. Second chance was when I started to realize there is something special about the musical. When I realized that it makes me feel uplifted at the end, I wanted to know why it did that so I dug even deeper than the research I already did. Soon realized it was a tale of hope, compassion, forgiveness, love, sacrifice, humanity, sacrifice and redemption. So glad I gave it that second chance and it turned out to be one of the musicals I am most passionate about


      1. If I hadn’t give it a second chance, I wouldn’t be the musical fanatic I am today. Loving the musical led me to being a fan of classics found in literature. It led to understanding the emotional side of musicals in a more truthful, passionate and powerful way. I cannot imagine my life without Les Mis right now


      2. I cannot describe everything Les Mis has done for me. It impacted the way I see musicals in terms of their emotion. Just being able to know that musical emotions can include heartbreak made a huge impact on musicals.

        Crazy how being aware of perhaps only one emotion, which would be heartbreak affects musicals forever. Just being aware of that emotion makes me begin to start analyzing musical emotions.

        I learned there is more to tragedy than what it appears. Tragedy can appear as if it is just sad and nothing comes from them. I was able to understand tragedies are way more than heartbreak, which is shown through the themes of Les Mis.

        I never knew a musical could have emotions that could literally touch you as deep as Les Mis has. Never saw the full power of the negative emotions before. I was to learn that the negative emotions have such insight, truth, strength, fragility, and vulnerability found within them.

        I could on and on about why I love Les Mis


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