Toast To Minor Characters Tag!

Hallo, Leute! Sorry about not posting yesterday! I would have posted, except I had to go and register for classes for fall quarter at school! But anyways, today, I thought that I’d do the “Toast to Minor Characters” Tag! Some of my favorite characters are characters that are generally considered “minor” so it’ll be fun to talk about them in this post! Los geht’s!

1. Name a minor character you want to see more of.

Oh, wow, this is really tough right from the beginning! Hmm… I kinda wish that we got to see more of Meg in THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. She’s one of my favorite characters and she’s so sweet. I really think that it would have been cool for Christine and Meg to have some more songs together besides “Angel of Music.” Also from THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, I wish we got to see more of Piangi! He’s always been one of my favorite characters and I just kinda wish we got to see more of him.

2. Name a minor character you want to be friends with in real life.

I think that I’d really like to be friends with Lesgles/L’aigle/Bossuet from LES MISÉRABLES because he just seems like a lot of fun to be around! I’d also like to be friends with Shylock from SOMETHING ROTTEN!. He just seems like a really sweet guy!

3. Name a minor character who bored you.

For this one, I think that I’m going to go with Ambrose Kemper from HELLO, DOLLY!. Not that he was a bad character or anything. I just personally liked Cornelius a lot more as a character and a lot of the time I forgot that Ambrose was even there!

4. Name a minor character who annoyed you.

Ooh… I think I’ll go with Chagal, Sarah’s father, from TANZ DER VAMPIRE. I just found that he was a really easy character to dislike. He irked me with his overprotectiveness of Sarah and I really couldn’t blame her for wanting to run away. After all, she’s practically been a prisoner her whole life in her home!

5. Name a minor character who grew on you.

Definitely Boq. As a kid, I thought that Boq was a pretty annoying guy, a guy that really didn’t need to be there. But as I grew up a little, I think that I grew to be able to understand him and his struggles a lot more. So, you could say that he grew on me.

6. Name a minor character who broke your heart.

The seamstress from A TALE OF TWO CITIES! Goodness gracious! I sob every time and she’s only on stage for about 5-10 minutes max! Man, she breaks my heart. Such a great character.

For this one, I think that I also have to mention Isabel (Bel) from SCROOGE. “Happiness” is such a beautiful song and I love seeing how happy Isabel and Ebenezer were but man, that smile of Isabel’s really does have the power to break a heart because you know how their love story ends.

7. Name a minor character who made you laugh.

As a kid, the Artful Dodger from OLIVER! always made me laugh. Don’t really know why… but he always did. I still smile during his parts in the musical. I think that the princes from INTO THE WOODS could really fit here too. “Agony” is one of my favorite songs from that musical and that’s partially due to how much I laugh while watching it. Shylock from SOMETHING ROTTEN! also would definitely fit here! Ooh and Thomas Nostradamus from SOMETHING ROTTEN! as well!

8. Name a minor character who made you cry.

For this one, I think I’m going to go with Gavroche from LES MISÉRABLES. I don’t know if he exactly counts as a minor character but he definitely is a secondary character so I think he counts. I always cry during his death scene. Along the same lines, I’m not sure if Rudolf from ELISABETH counts as minor, but I always cry when little Rudolf sings “Mama, wo bist du?” [Mama, Where Are You?]. And, of course, as mentioned before, the Seamstress from A TALE OF TWO CITIES. So many tears for that precious character.

9. Name a minor character who surprised you.

I think that I was always a little surprised when Boq turns into the tin man. I mean, it makes perfect sense, it really does, but I remember being surprised the first time I watched WICKED.

10. Name a minor character that intrigues you.

As for characters that intrigue me, I think that I’m going to have to go with Madame Giry from THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. I think that there’s a lot to Madame Giry’s character that we never really get to explore in depth and I think that I’ve always found that to be intriguing.


So, that’s it for me! Who are some of your favorite minor characters from musicals? What would your answers to some of these questions be? Vielen Dank und tschüss! 


20 thoughts on “Toast To Minor Characters Tag!

  1. I hardly seem to think about minor characters it seems. Some of them I keep on overlooking. Since you brought up Boq in this post, I am going to say I honestly keep on overlooking him so I have no clue if he has grown on me or not


      1. When it comes to minor characters, some characters I associate as an entire group. Like the Newsies for instance. All of the Newsies that are not leads, I just look at in terms of the group same as the students.

        Over time, now that I think of it, I feel like Wicked has a love pentagon as opposed to a love triangle even though it mainly focuses on the three. But it makes sense: you know: Nessa loves Boq: Boq loves Glinda: Glinda and Elphaba love Fiyero: act 1-Fiyero seems to love Glinda, act 2- Fiyero realizes he actually loves Elphaba. So it really is a love pentagon which complicates things even further


      2. I would have to agree! Never really thought of it that way, but that’s 100% true. Man, Wicked’s romance arcs are pretty complex but I think that that just adds another level of amazingness to the musical!


      3. I cannot believe it took me so long to notice that. So I guess in an odd way Boq and Nessa have grown on me. I think even though it mainly focuses on a love triangle, it is much more complex than that. I think this love pentagon actually makes the love triangle even more challenging


      4. Never thought of it that way at all. But makes sense, it does link the characters together now that I think of it. Even though I might keep on not calling it a love pentagon, but the regular love triangle. It still has that feeling of being younger, but whats odd is it has two points of view. The younger point of view, which I hope reminds and than there is how I view the same thing now very differently and notice little details I haven’t seen before.

        Well now that I think of it, before Les Mis, I did not pay attention to tiny details. But do to analyzing that musical so much, I am able to notice little details in other musicals as well


      5. Absolutely! In the last week of classes we were doing a lot of analyzing literat and stuff like that and I realized that I do a lot of those things with musicals almost naturally. Like you, I think that Les Miz was the beginning of that for me as well


      6. I never realized growing up it was just getting a basic understanding of musicals.

        I only started analyzing Les Mis even deeper mainly when I wanted to know why a heartbreaking musicals made me feel uplifted. If I didn’t have that question, I wouldn’t have learned to see tiny details in other musicals. I dug until I found the answer to the question. Over time, I realized this is a tale of love, compassion, forgiveness, hope, humanity, sacrifice, and redemption


      7. I think that Les Miz really nudged me towards analysis because there was so much about it that I just wanted to dig for and figure out and from there, I kinda started doing that with other musicals, books, and movies.


      8. I think the main source of love I began with had to be the love triangle. Than eventually I thought of all the different kinds of love in Les Mis. Love for a country, familial love, love for God, love for the law. However none of the types of love are the strongest form because your love for the musical is stronger than the other forms since your love for the musical allows it to grow. And if I never asked myself why I feel uplifted, I might be sick and tired of it by now because it would still seem too depressing


      9. Definitely. Les Miz is amazing because if pulls off that tragic ending perfectly and I think that, through Les Miz, I’ve solved problems with my own writing. Around 7th grade I wrote lots of tragedy and it was pretty hit-and-miss with my short stories if I was able to pull the tragic ending perfectly. One time, I completely missed the mark on that tragic ending and it was just really depressing. But after Les Miz helped me better understand tragedy, I found the file for that story on my flashdrive and realized exactly where I went wrong. With a tragic ending, there still has to be some sort of satisfaction for the audience. There still has to be some sort of satisfaction and fulfillment for the characters.


      10. For a tragedy, I can be quite particular about things. 1) don’t just have negative emotions. 2)have characters and storyline line that you love and where you can care about the journey. 3) have positive themes. So what I am really saying is have a strong positive nature. I don’t want to get stuck in a tragedy while all you deal with is negative emotion after negative emotion nonstop because after all, you will feel like you have had too much of all of that

        Well, this has happened before. I feel like you can love a literature character, but for some odd reason not like their storyline.


      11. Well, while watching The King and I, I really liked the change that the king was going through, so in that sense, I really liked what was happening to his character but I didn’t really like how his story ended, with him ultimately just being unable to change, so in that sense, I didn’t like how his storyline went. To be honest, I think that the fact that the king ended up ultimately not being able to truly learn from Anna is one of the main reasons I didn’t like The King and I as much as I like other Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals.


      12. One of my main reasons is because I only seemed to love just a small collection of the songs, so that throw me off a bit.

        One thing that I didn’t seem to grasp at all are some of the cultural aspects of Siam.

        But it isn’t a bad musical at all.


      13. Definitely. From The King and I, I only remember two or three songs. I think that for me, that was the immediate reason why The King and I didn’t become a favorite of mine. But it’s definitely not a bad musical! It just didn’t leave that much of an impact on me


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