My Favorite Books?

Guten Morgen, Leute! Books have been a part of my life for as long as I remember. I honestly don’t remember a time when I didn’t have books. Ever since I was young, I always loved books and storytelling. I remember that my parents would read me books before I’d go to sleep and that, when I learned to read, books were my main source of entertainment. To this day, I’d say that books remain my main entertainment source and I still cherish the books that I have read and look forward to reading other books as I go through life. But of course when one looks back on things, there are indefinitely favorites. So, what are my favorites? For today’s post, I thought I’d narrow it down to my top 5 favorites and expound on why theyr favorites of mine! Los geht’s!


When I think of favorite books, my mind almost immediately flies to Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray. I remember first reading it in eighth grade and falling in love with it. At the end of eighth grade, my class had a little tribute sort of thing for the end of middle school and we all had to prepare a little speech. And well… I decided to start myself off with a little quote from The Picture of Dorian Gray. I have to attribute much of my love for classical literature to Oscar Wilde and this book because Oscar Wilde showed me the beauty of the English language and showed me the power of wit and sarcasm in literature. To this day, Oscar Wilde remains my literary hero as it were. His descriptions are flawless in a way I’ve never seen. He doesn’t overrwrite but he doesn’t keep the reader in the dark. And he has this very sharp wit and beautiful, poetic stule that I fell in love with. If I were forced to pick one English author as a favorite, without hesitation I’d pick Oscar Wilde. It’s not even a competition. Another thing that I love about The Picture of Dorian Gray is that it showed me another sort of side to classical literature and it’s one that I truly appreciate and love.

REVOLUTION (Jennifer Donnelly)

I first read Revolution last summer, almost a year ago now and man,  I fell in love with it. That was a great summer of reading for me but the book that, to this day sticks out the most to me is this one. I finished reading it in a day and man… it is simply amazing. I’ve never read a historical fiction quite like it. It was one thrilling ride and Jennifer Donnelly has highly influenced my own writing style. There’s just something so insanely amazing about this book and to this day I can’t stop recommending it to people. It’s probably gotten to a point at which my friends are somewhat tired of hearing me talk about it. It’s a really amazing historical fiction on the French Revolution!

FRIDAY’S CHILD (Georgette Heyer)

Of the books on this list, Friday’s Child is the one that I have read most recently. And man… I love it! Georgette Heyer has become one of my favorite authors. I like historical fiction a lot and I marvel a lot at the fact that I didn’t come across Georgette Heyer earlier! She writes the cutest stories and Friday’s Child is my personal favorite because it was the first one that I ever read! Also, since reading this book, I have resolved that if I ever have a daughter, I want to name her Hero. I simply couldn’t put this book down and I read it in one day! I’m hoping to reread it this month as it was that good! Since reading this one, I zipped through The Convenient Marriage and Faro’s Daughter (both also written by Heyer) and loved those as well! I just adore Georgette Heyer’s novels! 


My journey with Les Misérables starts when I first saw the movie adaption of the musical in 2012. While I did not immediately fall in love with it, after watching the movie one more time I fell head over heels in love with the story. And so, I naturally bought the book and while it was a tedious read, I really did enjoy it and loved reading the story over the summer of 2014 (I think it was 2014; I could be wrong…)! It was the perfect summer vacation read and reading the book only added to my love of the story and the characters! It is a very long book but if you’re a fan of the musical or if you like classics in general, then I definitely think that you will be able to enjoy it!


And I suppose that I will end this list with where everything started… with Michael Ende’s The Neverending Story. I remember this book as being the first book I ever considered to be a favorite of mine. It was also one of the first chapter books that I read and, to this day, I still love this book! It was the first fantasy book I read and I really do believe that the love I have continued to have for fantasy stems from my love of The Neverending Story that goes back all the way to when I was 5-6 years old.


And that’s it for me today! What are your favorite books of all time? Tschüss!


4 thoughts on “My Favorite Books?

  1. I have always enjoyed reading too. I am a fan of Agahta Christie as a matter of fact and I love mysteries. Les Misérables, Don Quixote, Tale of Two Cities, Great Expectations are classics that I have loved. Right now still loving Oliver Twist, which I might finish sometime this week. I tend to love fantasy natured books as well


    1. That’s awesome that you might finish Oliver Twist this week!! It’s a really great classic and is probably one of my favorites from Dickens! I haven’t read many mysteries but I’ve always wanted to get more interested in the genre! I love how complex the stories can get with mysteries! Unfortunately with fantasy, I haven’t been reading as much fantasy recently! However, I’m thinking that I want to reread The Lord of the Rings sometime soon!


      1. I loved the Lord of the Rings Series. I am near page 400 in Oliver Twist as of right now. Of all the classic books I have read, I have found it the easiest to read Dickens books


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