June 5, 1832  | LES MIZ Appreciation

Hallo, Leute! It’s June 5 and that means that today is the day on which the June Rebellion of 1832 started and man, it’s a big day for the LES MISÉRABLES fandom. I don’t know if it’s just me but I’ve always found the 1832 portion of the story to be my favorite part. My favorite characters show up and a lot of my favorite moments take place during the 1832 storyline. In honor of the June Rebellion, today I’m wearing my Éponine t-shirt and tomorrow I’m planning on wearing my Marius, Enjolras, and Éponine t-shirt. I wanted to wear my Enjolras costume but for some reason today and tomorrow are going to be considerably hot in Seattle and I don’t want to deal with sweating in a costume all day so I think that I’m going to scrap that idea for this year. Anyways, for today I thought that I’d do a little LES MIZ appreciation post as it’s been one of the most influential musicals in my life and it’s also one of my absolute favorites.

I guess that my love for LES MIZ really dates all the way back to middle school. It was seventh grade and I saw the movie for the first time. However, as always, I have to admit that I didn’t fall in love with the musical right then and there. I didn’t think of it as a bad musical but I just was kind of… unsure about it. However, I decided to give the movie a second chance and that second time around, I fell in love with it. I really, really fell in love with it. While at that point I did think of it as a new favorite, I think that, at the time, PHANTOM was still my favorite musical, followed closely by WICKED. My cousin gave me the CD for my birthday and since I now had the CD, I listened to it over and over again. It wasn’t until my mom asked me what musical was my favorite that I realized that LES MIZ had topped my list.

Fast forward to November of 2015 and I’m setting up the movie for my family to watch on one of our Friday night movie nights and as the main menu comes up, I felt tears spring to my eyes. A little earlier that year, it was announced that LES MIZ would be closing and I guess that as the main menu rolled up, I realized that I might never get the chance to see LES MIZ live. And that brought a few tears to my eyes.

However, that year, my school was doing a competition called National History Day (NHD) that started in September and went all the way into June if you made it to the national level. My mom told me that if I made it to nationals she’d take me to New York and we could go and see LES MIZ. My paper on the Bubonic Plague won the school competition however, my teacher had miscalculated the submission time for papers for the regional competition and so I couldn’t go on to the regional competition. I was pretty disappointed because I had really wanted to at least be able to try to get to nationals with hopes of getting to see LES MIZ on Broadway high in my mind. But, my mom surprised me and told me that since I’d done really well at the school competition, if I could find cheap plane tickets from Seattle to New York and find a cheap hotel we could go to New York.

Of course, I jumped into the task right away and eventually found pretty decently priced plane tickets and a really cheap hotel that was located right outside Central Park. When we got to New York, we ended up having to walk 6.5 miles to get to the hotel but I had a blast looking at all of the buildings and just getting to walk the streets of New York. When we got to the hotel we had a few hours left until the show started and so I took a short nap in the hotel room.

I remember when we got to the Imperial Theatre I was just so happy. Our seats were actually pretty nice and I was just so happy to be able to have this dream of mine fulfilled. All throughout the show, I was just having so much fun. All of the actors were amazing and the show was even more amazing than I had dreamed it would be. After the show my mom and I went to the stage door and we got to meet a lot of the actors and I still have the signed Playbill!

I suppose that the heart of what I want to say with this post is that LES MIZ has really changed my life and I really do believe that it has been one of the most impactful musicals I have ever watched. The characters are unbelievably amazing and the story, the songs—everything—just comes together to create one big masterpiece.

So I guess that what I really want to say is: Thank you. Thank you, LES MIZ.

Why do you love LES MIZ? Vielen Dank und tschüss!


11 thoughts on “June 5, 1832  | LES MIZ Appreciation

  1. Les Mis means a lot to me. Like you, the first time I saw the movie, I was unsure by the end of it. I didn’t know how to see past the tragic side of Les Mis while watching it since I had no clue it was going to be tragic. So like you, I saw the movie a second time and that was when I realized Les Mis was a good musical. I think it was the second time when I realized there is something special and unique about Les Mis. I eventually wanted to know why so much tragedy could be so uplifting so I dug even further to answer that question. I soon realized it was a tale of hope, love, compassion, sacrifice, forgiveness, humanity, and redemption. 2013 comes along and it came to Charlotte, but my family missed it because it was sold out, but it came to my community college and I saw it once with my family and ushered twice for that production. It was a community college production, but it was phenomenal. In 2014, my parents told me that when we go to England, we will be going up two days early and that was when I started convincing my parents to take me to see Les Mis in on the West End because it was a dream of mine to see it there. From January to June 2015, I was so impatient at knowing what West End show we were going to see. In June, my mom finally bought tickets and told me to check my email and the moment I found out she was taking me to see Les Mis, I ran to my mom and started crying.

    Well, I love Les Mis for several reasons. Its brilliant score filled with so many emotions felt at such a deep level and that impact is very rare for a musical. There is just something special in the air that happens when watching Les Mis and I still cannot pinpoint what that exactly is. My love for the characters is so special due to how emotionally connected I am to them and even that is hard to describe. The plot is brilliant, which is so well crafted with several wonderful plot line. Valjean’s journey to redemption is so inspiring especially when he decides to rescue Cosette from the Thenardiers among many other thing. The tragic tale of Fantine is the hardest one to watch, but still wonderful since everything she does is for the sake of Cosette. Then the love triangle that happens between Eponine, Cosette, and Marius provides an interesting emotional texture to the tale. I absolutely love that switch the happens between Eponine and Cosette, which is why it makes sense that Cosette ends up with Marius. Then I love watching the rebellion play out between all the students due to just how passionate and hopeful they are and even they realize during “Drink With Me” that they will most likely die, they still stay passionate. I am literally saying it is so hard to fully describe why exactly I love Les Mis.


    1. It definitely is difficult to fully describe! There’s just so many factors that have gone into my love of Les Miz. There’s just so much there! Les Miz is a musical that I feel is special on an emotional level: it’s not easy to find a musical as moving as Les Miz!


      1. I agree. There are many rarities in Les Mis and I think that is why Les Mis has been so successful. Characters like the brave and strong Eponine, revolutionary and romantic Marius, very passionate Enjolras, obsessed and strict Javert, angered and harsh turned compassionate and saintlike Jean Valjean, etc all make Les Mis such a masterpiece.

        It has to be the most complex musical ever and the most emotional it seems


      2. Yep! Les Miz definitely is very complex and really is a masterpiece! Like you mentioned, the characters are absolutely amazing and I think that that ties to how amazing the plot is and how amazing the songs are as well! The songs really capture the characters and the emotions they are experiencing amazingly well


      3. No musical has made me feel as many emotions as Les Mis. The characters wonderfully represent humanity. With the Thenardiers representing the very worst and with characters like the Bishop representing the very best and those in between, humanity clearly shows.

        The songs wonderfully complement the characters and the plot. The storyline is quite complex, powerful, passionate, revolutionary, and epic, and the songs show that quite well. Each song works nicely with characters. Honestly I could go on and on and on about how much I love Les Mis.

        Lots of people believe I know what my favorite musical is but just afraid to admit it. Well, Wicked is still just as good as Les Mis. Too pick between the two is like finding a needle in a haystack. Why pick between the two if they oh so very different with one carrying my vision more an done challenging the vision?


      4. I 100% agree! Wicked and Les Miz honestly are just too different to truly be able to rate on the same scale, y’know? They just really can’t be properly compared to each other especially as I have very different reasons for loving both.


      5. I know.

        One is the spectacle/dance natured, spectacular. more relatable ( with Elphaba in the mix) fantasy. The other is the epic, passionate, revolutionary, more emotional musical tragedy.


      6. Looking at the differences between how long I have loved them is crazy. I first fell in love with Wicked eleven years ago, which means Wicked was part of the batch I grew up on. I relate so much to Elphaba that I have a very personal relationship with her. So in a way, Wicked has a more relatable quality than Les Mis.

        Odd thing about Les Mis is that I have loved it for not even a full five years yet, but feel like I know the characters better in Les Mis. The only Wicked character I have come to know is Elphaba. But in Les Mis, I can analyze and describe all the different characters


      7. Considering that Wicked has been part of my life for longer, it is crazy how I can only describe one character so well: Elphaba. But have a hard time describing the others.

        Then how come with Les Mis being part of my life for a shorter part of life, I can describe so many more characters.


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