71st Tony Awards | Review

Guten Tag, Leute! This past Sunday, the 71st Tony Awards were aired and I thought that I’d do a little review of the entire awards ceremony. First, I’d like to start by saying that what I state here today is merely my opinion and you’re completely welcome to have your own opinions. Secondly, I’d like to say that going into the Tony Awards, the only show I really cared about was HELLO, DOLLY! and thus they were the only shows I was really rooting for so today I might express some unpopular opinions about other major musicals. Anyways, los geht’s!

As usual, the Tony Awards opened with an opening number. In the past there have been some pretty great opening numbers and I’ve learned to really look forward to opening numbers. This year’s opening number wasn’t entirely exciting to me and I wasn’t really impressed with it. Maybe it’s just because I’ve fallen in love with behemoth opening numbers from people like Neil Patrick Harris in the past. While I wasn’t completely blown away by the performance, I did think that it was entertaining and that it worked for its purposes.

For me, the Tony Awards are often a way for me to discover musicals that I might be interested based off of their performances. That happened with BRIGHT STAR last year for me. This year, two performances really caught my eye and those would be NATASHA, PIERRE, AND THE GREAT COMET OF 1812 and BANDSTAND. I thought that the performances from both musicals were a lot of fun and looked really interesting. The performances from those two shows was probably the highlight of my night watching the Tony Awards. Especially with BANDSTAND’s performance, I was left pretty excited and interested. It’s definitely a show that I would be interested in seeing in the future. While the other performances aside from those two didn’t particularly strike me as anything entirely special, I did think that most of the performances were well put together.

I don’t especially want to talk about the awards in particular (because I feel like that might bring up some pretty heated debate) but I must say that I was pretty happy to see HELLO, DOLLY! (one of my favorite musicals of all time) get quite a bit of recognition! I think that it was well-deserved and now I really, really feel the need to see the revival production because it looks splendid! However, I must say that I was really disappointed with the performance from HELLO, DOLLY!. I was expecting a big number and a lot of excitement but we really didn’t get any of that. I had hoped to see Bette Midler onstage performing but it didn’t happen and that was probably one of the biggest disappointments of the night for me. However, I think that Bette Midler’s Tony acceptance speech pretty much made up for it in the end and so did the fact that the show won Best Revival of a Musical.

Anyways, those were just some of my thoughts on the 71st Tony Awards! Did you watch the awards ceremony? What do you think about the results? Vielen Dank und tschüss!


5 thoughts on “71st Tony Awards | Review

  1. I didn’t watch the Tonys live this year, but I’m really really happy that Dear Evan Hansen won big that night because it’s one of my favorite musicals!! I agree that the Bandstand performance was pretty great too 🙂

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  2. Like you already know, I didn’t get to watch the Tonys last night due to the Pops Symphony and I would rather be there than watching the Tonys.

    I actually have never heard or even seen Hello Dolly but do know it is a musical comedy I believe


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