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Hallo, Leute! Hoping that you all have had a great day! For today’s Writing Wednesday, I thought that I’d talk a little about some of the writing projects that I’ve been working on / have finished but are in the editing phases! There’re a few but… well, I find that it’s helpful to have a lot of ideas going at once. It really does help to be able to take breaks from certain stories and characters from time-to-time! Feel free to talk about you WIPs in the comments as well!


I finished writing Clemency: This is No Nation of Gods almost a year ago now and I’ve been slowly working my way through editing it. Essentially, Clemency is about a group of friends during the French Revolution who bond together over the issues that are causing them the most alarm. For Danaé Thayer those issues include the poor treatment of the poor and impoverished and the fact that there is no equality in the system. Julien Descoteaux wants to create a better world for his younger siblings and wants to finally be able to fight against all of the things he remained silent about for years. Bastien Deniaud wants to create a better France for his children and wants to be able to stand up for the rights of the people that he’s been defending for years. Rosaire Lévesque wants to bring freedom to France and to fight for the common rights of man. However, as time goes on, it becomes clear that the cost of freedom is high—though it shouldn’t be—and that sacrifices will need to be made. Rousseau said “Were there a people of gods, their government would be democratic. So perfect a government is not for men.” But revolutionary France is no nation of gods.


I’m still in the middle of writing Stolen Score but I am definitely getting towards the end of it. Stolen Score is all about two friends, Allen Yates and Mindy Roth. Allen and Mindy have known each other for as long as they can remember and, after Mindy’s parents died, Allen’s mother took Mindy in and raised her for a few years. The year is 1912 and Mindy and Allen are now on their own. They get their money by performing plays in the park. Mindy does the writing, Allen pulls together stage design and costumes from the little that they have. One day when they fail to pay their rent, they find themselves in prison. However, Marc Holt, a successful businessman hears about Allen and Mindy and finds that they are exactly the people he’s been looking for. He wants to open a traveling theatre troupe and he believes that Mindy and Allen are exactly the right people to make this dream a reality.


I’ve only just started writing Sixty Days Free a little while ago and am still trying to figure out key plot points but so far, I’ve been really, really enjoying writing this one. Sixty Days Free is about Sebastian de Tocqueville and Serenity “Siri” Vance. Sebastian and Siri are each other’s opposite in almost every way. Sebastian is a prince, Siri is a poor ballet girl. Sebastian is loved and adored by many, Siri is scorned by pretty much everyone who knows her. But both have something in common: they both just want to get away. They secure a little deal in which they run away for sixty days and Siri teaches Sebastian all about what it’s like to be a “normal” person. In exchange, Sebastian will compensate Siri with enough money to open the art studio she promised her mother she’d open. Along the way, Siri finds that while she’s meant to teach Sebastian how to live, she doesn’t know much about truly living either.


Those are some of my WIPs that I’ve been working on! What writing projects are you working on? Personally I’ve been really wanting to write a fantasy novel but I’m still trying to really figure out what it’d be about! Vielen Dank und tschüss!


4 thoughts on “Stories That I’m Writing… | WIPs

  1. I may have ideas, but never started them. I have notes about them, but never started writing them.

    One is about a group of 12 orphans in New York who dream of getting put on a TV show called the Greatest Discovery and they get put on and it is also about their adventures in New York before and after their time on the tv show.

    The other is about the Fairy Frogs. The Fairy Frogs live in the Cattail Forest who are clever, compassionate, and very talented at art. They are good at several types of art. The toads bully them a lot because they are a bit jealous and those toads are complete opposite of the frogs. Well Sparkle, a frog, friends one of the nice toads named Marge and well the frogs find out. Eventually the frogs learn why the toads treat them so poorly so the frogs soon decide to try to friend the toads


    1. Those both sound like awesome ideas! I think that it’s great that you write down your ideas and take notes on them–that’s something that I’m horrible at! I generally do little planning and end up regretting it in the long run…


      1. I keep on wanting to write these stories down. It is crazy where my inspiration for these stories came from.

        At a Greenway in Charlotte, there is a boardwalk and to the side there are so many cattails, which looked like a forest. Through that image, the Fairy Frogs idea was born.

        As for Greatest Discovery, it started out by being inspired by all the girls in my 8th grade class. The only part that played were the names of the orphans. I keep on wanting to say that it set in New York was based off of my New York trip. The scavenger hunt will take them to a lot of the exact same place I actually been to


      2. That’s awesome! Inspiration can come from all sorts of places! Usually my story ideas come to me while I’m trying to fall asleep. The problem with that is that I often forget these ideas before I can jot them down!


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