Musicaldarsteller in der Stadt [Musical Star in the City] | Poem

Guten Morgen, Leute! So, I just realized that it’s Thursday and I haven’t written a short story for this week yet! But I’ve looked through the archives of my writing drives and I decided that I would share a poem that I wrote a little while ago with you all. I got the inspiration for this poem while looking at Edward Hopper’s painting “City Sunlight” (1963)! Anyways, it’s supposed to be about an aspiring musical theatre star who’s working in Vienna. Why Vienna? Well… when I picked up the postcard of this painting and looked for the title I first saw the German title (“Sonne in der Stadt”). And so, I titled the poem in like fashion and decided on Vienna for the location of my poem! Anyways, here’s the poem! Hope you enjoy!



One missed note

A key gone wrong

One unfinished song

An audition cut short


Two raised hands

A nod of dismissal

Two swift words

A show of politeness


Three stumbled steps

A scrape on a knee

Three soft hiccups

A rebel tear


Four dream roles

A childish hope

Four steps up

A treacherous ladder


Five different cities

A stage in each one

Five different productions

An ambition most dreadful


Six hopeless years

A sore diaphragm

Six dream co-stars

A hopeless dream


Seven, the magic number

A childish folly

Seven days in a week

An audition a day to ruin it


Eight long months

A fruitless adventure

Eight unkind words

A condition of having a roommate


Nine more hours

A flash of time

Nine cold curtains

A decoration for the windowpane


Ten cold tears

A reminder to be strong

Ten more minutes

A call for renewed hope


One, Two,

Three, Four,

Five, Six,

Seven, Eight,

Nine, and Ten


She’ll get up and fight again.


And that’s it for me today! I hope that you liked this poem! What’s your favorite poem? Who’s your favorite poet? Vielen Dank und tschüss!


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