Things I Love About My Hometown

Guten Morgen, Leute!

This week Seattle has been very… Seattle. For those of you familiar with Seattle, you probably know that it rains a lot over here. Seriously, most of the time, it’s raining or cloudy. And, for the most part, Seattleites appreciate this. When the sun comes out, we’re happy but then, after a little while we wish that the clouds would just come back. All of this Seattle weather has been making me think a lot about things that I love about my hometown. And, along with all of the crazy, not-so-positive things happening in Seattle, I really needed to focus on the positive, good things about Seattle there are. So, here are ten things that I love about Seattle! Los geht’s!

1. I absolutely love the weather in Seattle! I know that I talked about this a little earlier but I can’t help but love the Seattle weather! One of the things that I love about Seattle is that the weather is very rarely extreme. It’s never extremely hot nor is it ever extremely cold. Sure, we get a lot of rain but I actually really love the rainy, cloudy weather! I especially love how it’s socially acceptable to run around in the rain without a hood, umbrella, or any other sort of anti-rain device! In fact, it’s probably more normal in Seattle to run around without these appliances. I see people in Seattle walking around in the rain without hoods and without umbrellas all of the time and I love it! Personally, I love the feeling of getting caught in the rain!

2. The theatre programs are pretty awesome in Seattle! As a musical theatre fan, I’m really, really grateful for the great musical theatre programs we have in Seattle. So many musicals on their way to Broadway do their pre-Broadway runs in Seattle and I absolutely love that! We have two beautiful theatres in Seattle: the Paramount and the 5th Avenue. Both theatres get a fair amount of touring productions and I absolutely love that so many tours come to Seattle!

The Interior of the Paramount Theatre!
Paramount Theatre Stage & Seating!

3. The fact that I can go to the mountains, the beach, the rainforest, and the desert without leaving the state! This is one of my absolute favorite things about living in Washington State. The options for trips are endless and I don’t even need to get on a plane and go across the country. If I feel like going to the mountains, it’s only about a two-hour drive from Seattle to Mt. Rainier. If I want to go to the rainforest, I just need to go up north a little to the Port Angeles area. If I want to go to the desert, I can head over to Eastern Washington. And well, the beach and the Puget Sound are easily accessible to me at all times from where I live! I think that this is a favorite thing of many Washingtonians. It makes going on trips really easy and affordable!

Mount Rainier!

4. I love some of the places that we have in Seattle like the Fremont Troll, Kite Hill and Gasworks Park, Pike Place Market, and the Space Needle. There’s a lot to do in Seattle and some of my absolute favorite places are found in this city! While some of the street art makes me sit there scratching my head, I think that we’ve got some really unique things in Seattle! I absolutely love showing people all of these weird things in Seattle such as the Fremont Troll which is actually located under a bridge, somewhat recreating the “Three Billy Goats Gruff” story that so many of us grew up with! I just think that there’s something so fun and unique about it!

The Fremont Troll!

5. As a kid I really loved watching the Pacific Northwest Ballet’s production of the Maurice Sendak and Kent Stowell THE NUTCRACKER every year at Christmas time. Unfortunately PNB no longer performs this version and performs the George Balanchine version but I have so many fond memories of watching the Sendak & Stowell version of THE NUTCRACKER at Benaroya Hall year after year as a kid. To this day I still watch the DVD version of this production at Christmas time and relive the memories.

PNB’s Sendak & Stowell Production of THE NUTCRACKER!

6. I know that this probably sounds kinda silly but I love the look of Seattle at night! Man, I could stare at the city at nighttime forever if that was possible. The city just looks so beautiful all lit up at night and man, it just makes me smile. One of the most memorable moments of my life comes from when my family and I went up to the Space Needle observation deck at nighttime and got to see all of the city from that high point! It was so much fun just looking out at the city and feeling the wind whoosh all around me!

Seattle at Nighttime!
Seattle at Sunset!

7. As much as people think that it’s ridiculous, I will always love the Seattle Mariners. People always think that it’s crazy that I love the Mariners even though they’re kinda notorious for playing poorly. But I keep holding onto the hope that they will eventually make it to the playoffs again! And really, I’ve always loved the Mariners probably because I went to games with my family all of the time as a kid and still do to this day!

Safeco Field!

8. One of my absolute favorite things about Seattle is the Chihuly Garden and Glass museum downtown. I highly recommend going there at nighttime—all of the displays are lit up and you can see the city when you go to the outdoor area and it’s beautiful! While the admission price is pretty high, I definitely think that it’s worth it! The exhibits are beautiful and it’s one of the only museums in Seattle that I highly recommend to people! It’s probably my favorite museum in the world besides the Met in New York!

Chilhuly Garden and Glass Exhibit

9. If I have the time, I absolutely love just walking along Alki Beach and the area by the aquarium. Walking the streets of Seattle is pretty fun and I love looking at the architecture. There are so many interesting things that you can see while just walking around and I love doing it whenever I find the time to do so!

Pike Place Market!

10. I love the general atmosphere of Seattle. Yeah, I know it’s cheesy. And sure, there are a lot of things about Seattle that I can’t stand and wish would change but the truth is that I’m not sure that there are many other places in the world I’d rather be in than Seattle. It’s not a perfect city by any means but it’s one of the only places that I can ever see myself living in forever.

Seattle and Mount Rainier!


And that’s it for me today! What are some things that you love about your hometown? What do you think about when you think about Seattle? Vielen Dank und tschüss!


3 thoughts on “Things I Love About My Hometown

  1. Like you, I love how in Charlotte touring productions tend to come. Our two main theaters are Belk Theater and Ovens Auditorium. I always look forward to hearing about each season and what shows are coming.

    I even enjoy some of the restaurants we have. I love being able to visit downtown, which is known as uptown. I love the Symphony in the Park, which is that outdoor Symphony that happens in June.

    Charlotte is even close by to other cities that make it easy to have trips where we do not have to leave North Carolina. Places like Asheville we can visit or even hike Crowder’s Mountain.

    Unlike you, I do not like the Charlotte weather in summer. It is quite unpredictable especially with the rain.

    It can be hard to pinpoint exactly why I love Charlotte


    1. Seattle weather also can be pretty unpredictable but I don’t know, I’ve grown to see it as endearing!
      It’s also pretty hard for me to pinpoint the exact reason why I love Seattle because I think that it’s really a conglomeration of so many things that make me love Seattle!


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