Goals for Summer 2017

Guten Morgen, Leute! For me, summertime is the perfect time for me to get a lot of stuff done and, to make the best use of this summer and to make it a productive summer, I thought that I’d set some goals for myself! I always seem to work better when I have goals to work towards and when I have expectations set for myself. So, here are my summer 2017 goals! Los geht’s!

  1. Read all of the books on my summer TBR! A little while ago I posted about my summer TBR list and man, everytime I get on Goodreads, I keep adding books to my TBR pile! Hopefully, though, I’ll be able to read all of those books on my TBR and some others as well! Summer is generally a good time for reading for me so hopefull this year is no different in that respect!
  2. Make some major progress on several of my WIPs! It seems like I’ve been working on Stolen Score for forever now (although it’s only been a few months) and I really want to make good progress on it! I have several other WIPs that I really want to make progress on this summer as well! 
  3. Spend a lot of time with family and friends! I’m pretty notorious for being bad at keeping in touch with people but I definitely want to work on that this summer! I also just want to spend as much time as possible with all of these people who mean a lot to me! 
  4. Learn more about Seattle’s history! This week I realized how little I know about my hometown’s history and have been pretty disappointed with myself over it! This summer I want to make a serious effort to learn more about Seattle’s history and have fun while doing it! I’m already planning out little day trips that me and my friends can take in Pioneer Square in Seattle’s historical district! I really want to take at least one of the tours of Seattle’s underground ruins this summer as well!
  5. Post here on my blog every day! I won’t have access to my laptop for most of this summer so writing my posts will be a little more difficult but I definitely want to try and post every day! I have a lot of fun interacting and talking with you all!


And that’s it for me! Do you have any goals for this summer? Danke und tschüss!


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