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Guten Morgen, Leute! I saw the “Growing Up” Book Tag going around on Booktube recently and I liked the questions so I thought that I’d mold them a little to fit musical theatre! Anyways, los geht’s!

1. Pre-school: It’s okay to admit it, you’re just in it for the pictures. What’s your favorite musical that has lots of spectacle and dance?

I think that for this one I’m going go go with WICKED for this one! This musical was a big part of my childhood and one of the main reasons I fell in love with this one initially was due to the spectacle factor and just in general how Oz-like the whole musical felt!

2. Kindergarten: NAP TIME! What’s a musical that put you to sleep? 

WEST SIDE STORY. I know, I know. WEST SIDE STORY is one of those musical theatre big names. But I just fall asleep every single time I try to sit down and watch it.

3. Elementary School: Recess and story time and jungle gyms–SO MUCH FUN. What’s a musical that’s just plain fun? 

Gonna go with HELLO, DOLLY! and THE MUSIC MAN for this one! Both are really fun musicals to watch and are the type that keep you smiling all the way through!

4. Middle School: The awkward and embarrassing years… What’s a musical that you’re embarrassed you used to be a huge fan of? 

I really can’t think of one for this question, actually. I can’t recall there being any particular musical I’m embarrassed to say I liked in the past. However, I will say that I do look at musicals like LESTAT that I really love and realize that there are a lot of flaws within them. But I wouldn’t say that I’m embarrassed to say that I like it.

5. High School: The popular girl, the jock, the nerd, the loner–these are all stereotypes, but people are more than they appear!! Who is a character that you initially wrote off as a trope/stereotype but grew to love? 

I’ll admit that initially I was not that big of a fan of Fiyero. In fact, I might say that I even say that I very strongly disliked him when I first saw the musical in English. However, listening to the German version of “Dancing Through Life” [Tanz durch die Welt], I grew to like him a lot more and see him as more than just an annoying, self-absorbed guy.

6. College: Out on your own, forging your own path, making your own schedule. What is your favorite coming-of-age story? 

Does Belle’s story from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST count? In the Broadway version, Belle has a gorgeous song called “Change in Me” that really shows how much Belle has grown up and changed throughout the course of the story and I think it’s wonderful!

7. Adulthood: Taxes and retirement accounts and car payments OH MY. All depressing, but you still have a sense that the world is your oyster. What is a musical that’s pretty depressing, but also has a sense of optimism to it?

Gonna go with ELISABETH, LES MISÉRABLES, and A TALE OF TWO CITIES for this one. These three are at the top of my favorite musical list because of the mixture of tragedy and optimism found within them. In ELISABETH, Sisi sees her life fall apart and struggles to deal with her depression but throughout it all she manages to stay strong and fight and remain optimistic. In LES MISÉRABLES, so many characters go to their deaths. There is so much suffering and sadness and yet every character dies happy in their own sort of way. There is also a strong spiritual and inspirational side to LES MIZ that makes it far more than just a depressing story. Then, in A TALE OF TWO CITIES, we see great sacrifices made by Sydney Carton. We see him grapple with unrequited love. We see him go to the guillotine all for the sake of Lucie’s happiness. The optimism is so clearly there, though, in the midst of all that tragedy. Sydney, at his death, says “It is a far better thing I do than I have ever done; it is a far, far better Rest I go to than I have ever known.” See, he’s content–happy, even–with his ending and his death. And that provides enough optimism for the story to rise far above being “just a tragedy.”


What would your answers for these questions be? Vielen Dank und tschüss!


3 thoughts on “Growing Up | Musical Tag

  1. Interesting tag

    1. Wicked, for sure. That is my favorite spectacle musical. I fell in love with it for many reasons and the spectacle and dance is one of them. It carries my entire vision. Spectacle and dance, strong emotional connection, comic and serious moments, positive and negative emotions in the score, it has everything

    3. Singing in the Rain easily could fit for this one. It is such a fun one and all of its happiness is why I love it and it is so much fun. You need musicals like this one to help balance things out. But I agree, Music Man could work here as well.

    6. It would help if I fully understood what “a coming of age story” meant

    7. Les Mis fits for this one. All of that misery found in the characters is mixed with this underlying spirituality. Most of the characters lives might end up in death, but they die happy. You feel uplifted. All of the hope, compassion, forgiveness, sacrifice, love, humanity, and redemption in this tale. Boy it is a wonderful blend of heartbreak and inspiration. It carries most of the aspects that I want from a musical: the only thing it doesn’t have is the spectacle or dance, but what makes for it is just how powerfully emotional it is


    1. Ah, yes! Singing in the Rain definitely could work for the happy, just all around good time musicals! Wicked is definitely my favorite spectacle musical! It’s just full of so much fantastical sets, costumes, dances–everything!


      1. Just seeing the set alone before the show even begins transports you to OZ. Everything about Wicked has something spectacle about it. The costumes, the nature of the dance, the movement of the set, and so on


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