Musical Characters That Deserve More Credit

Hallo, Leute! Us musical theatre fans hear about characters like Christine Daaé, Elphaba, Enjolras, Jean Valjean, and etc. all of the time. But what about the characters who are generally overlooked? Today, I thought that I’d do a little post about characters from musical theatre whom I think are under appreciated! Los geht’s!

  • Raoul de Chagny – I talk about Raoul a lot mostly because I think that he is a guy that is so underrated and that he deserves so much more credit than he gets. To be honest, I think that Raoul is one of the sweetest characters in musical theatre. Really the only reason I’ve ever seen people state for hating him is because they wish that Christine ended up with the Phantom. But really, that’s no reason to hate on Raoul! 

Toby Joch as Raoul in PHANTOM, Oberhausen (Photo cred: Toby Joch)

  • Fantine – Of all the characters in LES MISÉRABLES, I think that Fantine would be the most underrated aside from Marius and Cosette. But, I think that for this post today I’d like to just focus in on Fantine. Fantine really only is in the first part of Act I and at the very end of Act II, but in so many ways her part in the story is one of the most important. Without Fantine there really wouldn’t be altogether that much of a story to be told. And, not to mention that, in my opinion, Fantine’s love for Cosette is definitely one of the most phenomenally portrayed loves in musical theatre.
Jana Werner as Fantine in LES MIZ, Berlin
  • Sydney Carton – The reason as to why Sydney is underrated is actually pretty understandable–after all the musical version of A TALE OF TWO CITIES isn’t altogether that well known. But all the same, I will continue to insist that Sydney deserves so much more credit than he receives. In my opinion, he’s got some of the best songs in musical theatre and his sacrifice and great ability to love really make him a really wonderful character.
James Barbour as Sydney Carton
  • Dolly Levi – One of my favorte things about Dolly is how cheerful, kind, and energetic she is. She’s always smiling and has this great ability to make everyone around her smile. It really is contagious! She also has this great love of helping people and I love that about her!
Barbra Steisand as Dolly
  • Nancy – I think it’s such a shame that people don’t talk about Nancy all that much. She’s such a wondeful character who is full of so much optimism, love, and kindness. She was actually the first musical character that I ever really fell in love with. I always thought that she was such a strong girl and full of so much life! I love how much she cared for Oliver. I love how she even put herself in danger so that Oliver could have a better life.
Ruthie Henshall as Lucy
  • Rusty – For as long as I’ve loved STARLIGHT EXPRESS, I’ve loved Rusty. Rusty is one of  those characters that is so easy to relate to. He just wants to , for once in his life, be regarded as more than the rusty steam train that he is. He doesn’t let the other trains’ name-calling and harrassment get him down. He just gets right back up again and continues to work towards what he wants. 

Kevin Köhler as Rusty in STARLIGHT EXPRESS, Bochum


Which characters from musical theatre do you think deserve more credit? Vielen Dank und tschüss!


5 thoughts on “Musical Characters That Deserve More Credit

  1. Never thought about musical characters who deserve more credit. But the couple of Marius and Cosette are under appreciated. Just cannot think of characters who deserve more credit at at the moment right now


      1. Of the characters who survive, Marius and Cosette are my favorite characters. After reading the book twice, I became a bigger fan of Marius. Marius and Cosette are a wonderful couple and I would not have the love triangle any other way. Cosette represents hope and light so she needed to end up with Marius so Marius needed to survive.

        So true about Raoul and Christine as well. That couple is treated just as unfairly. Just like Marius and Cosette, I love them as a couple. To be honest, when I first saw Phantom of the Opera, Christine was my favorite character and still is.


      2. Look at Marius, he does not necessarily have a “happy” ending’. Look how many people he lost at the barricades. First Eponine, then Gavroche, then Enjolras, and then all the other students. He lost all of his friends at the barricades. All he has left at the end is Cosette: that’s it. He does not necessarily have a “happy” ending. Every character in Les Mis has some tragedy about them


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