Celebrating Random Occassions?

Guten Abend, Leute! Sorry I’m posting so late, guys! But anyways, I guess that gives me something to write about today!

In a nutshell, today, my friends and I spent time just hanging out in Southcenter. Which was a lot of fun! Why? It wasn’t for a birthday, it wasn’t in celebration of anything. It was more that we just wanted to hang out and spend time with each other.

And because of it, we made lots of fun memories! 

The thing with me and my friends is that we tend to think that we need to have a reason to hang out. But today was fun because we didn’t really have a reason to hang out. We just wanted to have fun. We just wanted to hang out enjoy each other’s company! And you know, that’s enough reason!

What’s one of your favorite memories with your friends? Danke und tschüss!


8 thoughts on “Celebrating Random Occassions?

  1. Oh so many friend memories. Well, two of my school friends and I all own a stuffed bulldog in a red and black cheerleading outfit that we keep every two weeks throughout the school year and we pass it to the next person. Sometimes my friends and I go out to dinner at a place like FATZ or a Mexican place up the road from my school.


      1. The bulldog’s name is Effie. We made her a bulldog because our school’s mascot is a bulldog and her cheerleading outfit is red and black because that is what my school colors are. Now one of my friends wants her to have a graduation hat to wear for a graduation photo. All three of us are graduating the same semester.

        We also tend to celebrate each others birthdays


      2. That’s awesome! That graduation picture idea sounds so cute and like such a great idea!
        My friends and I are super bad at getting together but we’ve all agreed to put in the time to meet up every once in awhile this summer!


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