So… What’s My Current Standing of Favorite Musicals?

Hallo, Leute! Those of you who know me know that my favorites list for musicals shifts a lot and, depending on the day, it might be different. Today, I thought that I’d share with you all my current standings for my favorite musicals! Of course, this is ever changing but this is what it’s been for a while! Los geht’s!

  1. ELISABETH – Around first place, it gets super hard to pick one definitive musical. But I think that ELISABETH just might be my favorite musical. It has all of the qualities I look for: awesome choreography, costumes, music, story, emotion, and characters. ELISABETH blends an emotional, touching story with amazing music and symbolism. I have never seen a musical exhibit so much symbolism in my entire life and I think that this absolutely amazing. The story itself isn’t a happy one at all. There are very, very few happy moments in this musical but somehow the ending leaves you feeling like everything’s right. It feels fulfilling even though it ends tragically. It’s a blend of so many things that makes ELISABETH such a masterful musical that I can’t get enough of.
  2. LES MISÉRABLES – It’s really hard to place LES MIZ  in an accurate spot on this list because really, it’s more or less neck-and-neck with ELISABETH. LES MIZ is lacking one thing though: dance. While dance isn’t something I think is essential to a musical, it definitely does earn a musical extra points if it has it. However, LES MIZ is one of the most inspiring, touching musicals I have ever come across. Its characters have always felt so real to me and I truly do feel like the musical portrays humanity in a very good way. The music is amazing and really, LES MIZ is one musical theatre juggernot that I absolutely adore.
  3. A TALE OF TWO CITIES – I really think that it’s such a pity that this musical isn’t very well known. It’s one of the best that I have seen in my life and it’s one that has become a favorite of everyone I know who has seen it. If you like LES MIZ and PHANTOM, this musical most likely will be something that catches your eye. The music is epic and well done, the characters are phenomenal, and while it is definitely a tragedy and will leave you crying, it works. I haven’t seen very many musicals this well put together and definitely think that it’s one that more people should check out. The concert DVD is available on Amazon for a pretty decent price if you’re interested!
  4. WICKED – When I first saw WICKED as a kid, I was pretty underwhelmed with it. The music wasn’t all that great in my opinion and I found Fiyero as a character to be frustrating. However, with time, things have changed. Listening to the German Cast Recording of the show made me like and understand Fiyero better and, while the music still isn’t my favorite, it’s a musical that has really made an impact on my life. As I’ve grown up, Elphaba has become an increasingly relatable character and I love her for it. While, as I mentioned before, the music is still not my favorite, I have grown very fond of certain songs. WICKED mixes fantastical elements with   touching plot points and creates a modern classic.
  5. OLIVER! – For as long as I can remember, this musical has been a favorite of mine. It was the beginning to my journey with musicals and, if it weren’t for OLIVER! I’m not so sure that I’d be as in love with musicals as I am today. Watching OLIVER! is one of my earliest childhood memories. Nancy was my first favorite fictional character and to this day she is one of those characters that I care for deeply. The music is music that I never tire of and man, this one will be a favorite of mine to the end.
  6. SOMETHING ROTTEN! – This musical is a musical that is perfect for any die-hard musical theatre fan. The references in this musical are phenomenal and I just laugh every time I even think about it. I love the characters and the music for this musical and the plot is ridiculous but fun. Man, this musical is definitely one that I recommend to people non-stop!
  7. SCHIKANEDER – This musical has been a musical I’ve been a fan of since well… the very beginning. Even before this musical premiered in Vienna last year, I’ve been following it closely and man, oh man, am I so happy that the CD is out and that I can listen to it all of the time. The music for this show is absolutely gorgeous and is the sort of music that I grew up listening to. It’s ultra-classical and I love it. The story itself is pretty well fleshed out and I love all of the characters. Not to mention that the costumes and choreography are stunning!
  8. TANZ DER VAMPIRE – I don’t talk about this musical nearly enough but man, I do love it. The music is always fun and intense and I love all of the choreography. It’s no secret that the Broadway, English version of this musical was well… horrible but the German version is pure gold. Every moment of this musical just makes me rock back and forth in my seat. Really, I’ve never seen stage design quite like that of TANZ DER VAMPIRE. It’s a pretty simple set but man, it does the trick.
  9. BEAUTY AND THE BEAST – Since I was a kid I loved this musical. I’ve seen this musical live more than I have seen any musical live and man, it keeps getting better and better. Really, the music for this show is phenomenal and well done. This musical has been one that’s been with me since childhood and I can only see it being a part of my future going forward.
  10. THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA – Some of you might be surprised that PHANTOM is so low on my list. And don’t get me wrong: I love PHANTOM. I really, really do. But, at the same time, I spend so much time wanting to tear my hair out over it that I really have a hard time just enjoying it. I’m pretty critical about a lot of things such as movies, musicals, literature, etc. but there’s very little that I’m more critical of than PHANTOM. The characters, for one thing, make me so frustrated aside from Raoul, Piangi, and Meg. And… in general, I have a lot of unpopular opinions about the show. Nonetheless though, the music is well done and so is the story. And there are few stories I know as well as PHANTOM. If you want to read my post that is essentially an unpopular opinions fest for PHANTOM, you can read it here.


So, that’s my current top 10! What are yours and why? Vielen Dank und tschüss!


7 thoughts on “So… What’s My Current Standing of Favorite Musicals?

  1. It can be hard to rank musicals it seems. What to do about Wicked and Les Mis? Would my top ten really consist of eleven musicals if I cannot pick between the two? I never can seem to rank musicals that well.

    Annie and Sound of Music and Rent would be in my top ten favorites as well. Just never have thought about a top ten list before.


      1. Les Mis, Wicked, Sound of Music, Annie, Rent-they all will end up on my top ten list somewhere, but Wicked and Les Mis will either be the top two or will both share the top spot


      2. I am always asked what is your favorite and I freeze up a bit since the two are tied. Well in a way, it is a three way tie. Annie used to my favorite musical before Wicked took over. I felt like nothing could tie with Wicked, but Les Mis proved me wrong. When I saw Phantom of the Opera in 2014, it tied with Les Mis and Wicked, but when I saw Les Mis in 2015 in London, Phantom slipped away from that slot. Musicals seem to move around a lot. But Wicked and Les Mis are tied: well Wicked carries my vision better than Les Mis. Les Mis carries the vision very close, but only lacking on one thing: the dance, but makes up for it


      3. My standings can change as new musicals enter my life and as your journey with an old musical or fresh musical grow. Look what happened: Phantom was tied with Wicked and Les Mis, but by seeing Les Mis in London, Phantom got kicked off the top. I actually love the plot and songs and characters more in Wicked and Les Mis. Wicked and Les Mis have their reasons why they each deserve the top spot


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