Sorting Characters From Musicals Into Hogwarts Houses?

Guten Morgen, Leute! Happy Independence Day! I initially thought about writing a post about America and patriotism but everything I tried ended up sounding really cheesy. So, today, since I’ve been in a super Harry Potter hype mode recently, I thought that I’d sort some characters from musicals into Hogwarts Houses! Hopefully this will be fun! Los geht’s!

Let’s start here, shall we? I kinda came up with doing this post while listening to “Träum groß” [Dream Big], one of his biggest songs in the show. And, well, for Emanuel, I’m definitely going to go Slytherin. He’s super ambitious and has big dreams. I feel like he would make for a really great Slytherin story!


In my opinion, Éponine’s definitely a Gryffindor. She is, after all, very brave and values her friendship with Marius. I feel like she’s a really good example of what Gryffindor is generally said to be. 


When it comes to Elphie, I’m kinda unsure as to where to put her. I’m stuck between Gryffindor, Slytherin, and Ravenclaw. I feel like she’d be a pretty good fit in any of these. After all, she’s brave and values friendship (Gryffindor), she’s ambitious and has big dreams as is brought out in “I’m Not That Girl” (Slytherin), and she’s also really smart and scholarly during her time at Shiz (Ravenclaw). So where to put Elphaba? Ultimately I think I’m going to put Elphaba in Gryffindor because I feel like her Gryffindor traits are most important to the story!


Glinda, on the other hand, is pretty easy for me to come to a decision on. I think that Glinda would definitely be a Slytherin. After all, it’s due to her ambition and big dreams that she sides with the Wizard even though she knows that he’s wrong. 


Okay, with Raoul I’m kinda stuck between Hufflepuff and Gryffindor. I feel like he’d be a good fit for both! He proves himself to be really brave throughout the course of the show and he also is very loyal and kind. Hmm. I really like the idea of Raoul being a Hufflepuff so I think that I’m going to to ahead and put him in Hufflepuff!


When I thought about where to put Sisi, I initially thought that shed be really good in Slytherin. However, when I thought about it a little more, I thought that Ravenclaw might be a better fit for Sisi. Sure, Sisi’s ambitious and had big dreams but in the end, she kinda settles down. She uses her mind and focuses on ruling Austria. While I still think she could be a Slytherin, I think that Ravenclaw might be a little more fitting. Sisi is pretty smart and I feel like a Slytherin would be more bent on achieving those dreams that she had instead of just continuing to dream about them while putting them on the back burner. So, Ravenclaw!


For Fantine, I think that I’m going to go with Gryffindor. Fantine is a pretty brave woman who really just wants to provide for her daughter and make sure that she’s okay. 


The tough thing about Lestat is that I’d say he’s a pretty unreliable narrator. He has a tendency to act like a child and well… that side of him really throws a curveball at this whole sorting business. Lestat, though, I’m going to put in Gryffindor. People usually think of Gryffindors as being “the good guys” but Lestat would definitely throw a little bit of a villainous side into Gryffindor. Lestat’s not exactly a bad guy but he definitely is a bit of an anti-hero. And how awesome would an anti-hero Gryffindor be?


CATS is a musical that is full of so many characters and the range of favorites is really wide-spread amongst fans. Personally, Munkustrap is my favorite of the bunch. But which House would he belong to? My gut’s telling me Ravenclaw and so I think I’m going to go with that! After all, Munkustrap is very responsible and also is a storyteller type for the Tribe. So, Ravenclaw it is, then!


Which Hogwarts Houses would you sort your favorite musical characters into? Danke und tschüss!


2 thoughts on “Sorting Characters From Musicals Into Hogwarts Houses?

  1. This is a crazy post. The only thing I do know when it comes to the houses is the Griffindors are brave. I don’t know the houses that well, but still a wonderful mix of Harry Potter and musical characters


    1. Yep! This was a pretty weird post to write! The idea came to me at about midnight and I just thought “Hey, let’s run with it!” It was pretty fun to mix Harry Potter and musicals together as both have been really impactful in my life!


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