Wonderful, Awe-Inspiring Scenes From Musicals

Guten Morgen, Leute! So, yesterday, I was listening to my ELISABETH cast album and man, there are some awesome scene in that show (and other shows) that I wanted to talk about today! So… let’s get to it!

1. “Ich gehör nur mir Reprise” from ELISABETH – When the audience applauds for a costume, you know that a scene is good. In this Act I finale, Sisi makes an appearance in the ever-famous star-dazzled dress. And yes, some audiences will applaud when this dress makes an appearance on stage. But, beyond that, this scene is super great because it shows Sisi holding onto her independence and becoming a stronger version of herself.

Annemieke Van Dam as Sisi performing the reprise of “Ich gehör nur mir”

2. “A Musical” from SOMETHING ROTTEN! – This scene is a musical theatre fan’s dream come true. I have seen very few other scenes in a musical that have succeeded in knocking me off of my feet quite like this one. It’s a huge musical number and there’s so much going on. It’s just amazing. I wish I could be more eloquent in describing this scene but really, that’s all I can say!

3. “Confrontation” from JEKYLL & HYDE – To be 100% honest, this is a scene that can go horribly wrong if an actor doesn’t perform both Jekyll and Hyde just right. And that’s a difficult task, believe me. But if it gets done right, it’s one of the most amazing scenes in musical theatre, in my opinion.

4. “Let Her Be A Child” from A TALE OF TWO CITIES – This scene is wonderfully touching. Sydney and Charles both sing the song and it always is getting me to cry. It’s just wonderfully done and really is a great scene to watch.

5. “Am Deck den sinkenden Welt” from ELISABETH – I really, really love this scene. Everything from the set to the choreography is on point with this scene. I love how creative and overall symbolic everything in this scene is. I have also never seen a set that moves quite like this one. I mean, it’s twisting, moving up and down… it’s just amazing.

6. “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables” from LES MISÉRABLES – In the case of this scene, I’m talking about the scene in the revival production. Man, this scene made my heart break. Marius’s sadness and his friends all showing up again and blowing out heir candles just made me cry so hard. It was just so unexpected and amazing.

7. “Masquerade” from THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA – I’ve seen many different versions of this scene played out and, by far, the best version I’ve seen is the official, original version that is played in most stage productions (excluding tour productions). The costumes are just gorgeous and the dancing is so much fun!

“Masquerade” as performed in Oberhausen, Germany

8. “No One Mourns the Wicked” from WICKED – For as long as I can remember, this scene has always been my favorite from WICKED. I’ve always thought that the way that the set worked for this scene was so amazing!

9. “Totale Finsternis” from TANZ DER VAMPIRE – The sheer elegance of this scene has always blown me away and I just absolutely love it! The costumes, the set, the choreography–everything–is just so well done!

10. “The Race” from STARLIGHT EXPRESS – When it comes to this scene, I’ve always been a little awe-struck. Seriously. This scene is so energy-filled and watching actors zip around on their roller skates is so exciting and exhilarating!


And that’s it for me today! What are your favorite scenes from musical theatre? Danke und tschüss!


5 thoughts on “Wonderful, Awe-Inspiring Scenes From Musicals

  1. Favorite scenes from musicals: I do love the whole “Dancing Through Life” scene because that is when the plot in Wicked truly kicks off because that is when Elphaba and Glinda first bond. Another favorite scene is “One Short Day” from Wicked as well. In Newsies, I love all the dance numbers especially during “Seize the Day” and I do love “Santa Fe (Prologue)”. I love the part in “Seize the Day” where they are dancing on Newspapers and the opening number is important to me because I love the friendship between Crutchie and Jack.

    Some of the my favorite scenes belong to duets as well like “For Good”: there is so much truth and insight built into song and now it seems to belong to not just friendship anymore, but also belongs to the fact that I saw Wicked last year with a school that has changed me for good. In Les Mis, so many wonderful.

    In Les Mis, I love “One Day More”, “Do You Hear the People Sing” and so on.

    Just like songs, there are so many wonderful songs in musicals


      1. I always loved the big dance numbers growing up. Excitement: that emotion was the emotion that I remember exactly how I felt growing up and it hasn’t changed one bit. That emotion I believe was the emotion I loved the most growing up and the emotion I think I understood the best too.


      2. Excitement as an emotion found within a musical seems to be never changing. Unlike the other core emotions: the other ones being joy, love, sad and then the newer heartbreak is changing more often


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