The Ultimate Harry Potter Tag? 

Guten Morgen! Hope you’re all doing well! Recently (as you all [probably] know) I’ve been in a total Harry Potter mood so I thought that it’d be fitting to do “The Ultimate Harry Potter Tag!” So, los geht’s!

1. Favorite Book?

My favorite has always been The Prizoner of Azkaban!

2. Least Favorite Book?

This is a tough one! Man, I think I’m going to go with The Sorcerer’s Stone for this one. I still love this book, of course, but I feel like the stakes are higher in the other books and are, in general more exciting!

3. Favorite Movie?

I’ve always held The Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 in this spot because it was the only one that I saw in the movie theatre and that was just a lot of fun! The final battle scene was also just so intense and fun to watch!

4. Least Favorite Movie?

Okay, this one’s easy for me! I’m going to go with The Half-Blood Prince for this one. I actually fell asleep while watching it (which is unusual for me).

5. Favorite Quote?

6. Favorite Weasley?

Ron, Fred, or George! (Please don’t make me choose!) Though, as I reread the books, I quite think that Percy, Molly, and Arthur are characters that are quite a deal more interesting than they’re given credit for being.

7. Favorite Female Character?

Luna, but Hermione is a really close second. I’ve always loved Luna’s sweet, quirky character.

8. Favorite Villain?

Man, that’s tough. But I’m going to go with Peter Pettigrew. Not because I like him but because he really disgusted me when I read about what he did to the people who were once his friends. Betrayal of friends is one thing that I have a real distaste for and Peter Pettigrew really made a detestable villain because of it.

9. Favorite Male Character?

For this one, I’m going to be excluding Harry. So… I might go with Sirius Black for this one. I always thought that he was an interesting character and I loved his backstory/history.

10. Favorite Professor?

McGonagall! I’ve always admired her for her fairness and I feel like she would be the teacher I would like most if I were at Hogwarts.

11. Would You Rather Ride A Hippogriff or a Firebolt?

Firebolt. I’ve always really liked the idea of flying on a broomstick! I don’t even particularly know why. And yes, it’s weird, but sometimes when I’m riding my bike I like to pretend I’m riding a broomstick. Yeah…

12. Is There A Character You Felt Differently About in the Movies?

You know, I’m only realizing this now as I reread the books and I’m realizing that book Dumbledore was a lot more quirky and whimsical than he was in the movies.

13. Is There A Movie You Preferred To the Book?

Nope! Not that I can think of!

14. Your Top Person, Thing, or Event That You Wish Was in the Movies?

I wish that they showed Arthur Weasley as being fascinated with the Muggle world like he was in the book. There were some occasions on which they brought this out but I wish there was more of it!

15. Which House Did You Initially Think You’d Be In?

I thought that I’d be a Ravenclaw (or perhaps I just wanted to be one).

16. Which House Did You Get Sorted Into On Pottermore?

I got sorted into Slytherin! And while I hoped I’d be a Ravenclaw, I’m quite happy being a Slytherin and definitely see why I was sorted that way. 

If you guys want to find out what Hogwarts House you’d be sorted into, you should definitely check out the quiz on Pottermore! But if you don’t want to create an accout, you can go here and take the same quiz!

17. Which Class Would Be Your Favorite?

Even though Professor Binns is supposed to be really boring, I’d probably say the magical history class (I can’t remember exactly what that class is called but I don’t feel like looking it up either…). I might not particularly like sitting in the class but it would be a class I’d have great interest in!

18. Which Character Do You Think You’d Instantly Become Friends With?

I think that I’d make friends with Neville pretty quickly. I’m not even sure why!

19. If You Could Have Any of the Hallows Which Would You Want?

The invisibility cloak! I feel like that would be the most useful.

20. Who’s Your Favorite Marauder?

Man… I might go ahead and say Sirius. I’ve always really thought his life story was really interesting!


So, that’s it for me! What would your answers be? Danke und tschüss!


7 thoughts on “The Ultimate Harry Potter Tag? 

  1. 3. Favorite Movie?

    I’ve always held The Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 in this spot because it was the only one that I saw in the movie theatre and that was just a lot of fun! The final battle scene was also just so intense and fun to watch!

    4. My least favorite movie belongs to the Half-Blood Prince

    6. My favorite Weasley that comes to mind right away is Ron. Since I am so interested in the trio so much and because we spend so much time with time, I love Ron the most of the Weasleys.

    7. My favorite female character is Hermione and I love the learn and I am smart. It has to do with the trio as well. She helps the adventures succeed. Without her, a lot of the adventures would be even more difficult.

    8. Favorite villain. Boy, I don’t like villains. Voldermort is one of the worst created villains ever. He is so dark and is so complex and evil. I equally don’t like Bellatrix as well and I think she is the worst of the death eaters: look she has put that wicked curse on Neville’s parents and killed Sirus Black. Boy, both are really evil.

    9. Favorite male character. Well, I might have to go with Harry Potter or Ron due to the whole trio. The trio is the center of the entire series.

    10. Favorite Professor: McGonagall is one of them and so is Dumbledore. I never really thought about my favorite professor at Hogwarts before.

    11. Would You Rather Ride A Hippogriff or a Firebolt: ride a Hippogriff or a Firebolt? That is a really tough question. I think it would be fun to ride both a creature as wonderful as that and a broomstick.


    1. Totally agree on what you said about Hermione helping Harry to succeed on so many of the adventures he has to embark on throughout the course of the series! Harry and Ron would have had a lot of difficulty without Hermione around to help ’em out!


      1. Yep! Good thing for that too! It was just agonizing rereading the parts where they weren’t friends yet! I was so glad when they finally became friends after the troll incident! Of course, having read the books a few times before already, I knew that they’d eventually become friends, but man, it just didn’t seem right to have them constantly annoyed by each other!


      2. One of my best memories growing up is watching the movies with my family in the movie theatre and at home. The movies are childhood movies and movies that continued into middle school or whenever they stopped. So Harry Potter was important

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