I’m a Musical Theatre Fan But What Type of Music Do I Listen To When I’m Not Listening to Musicals?

Hallo, Leute! So, for today, I thought that I’d talk a little about the types of music that I listen to when I’m not listening to songs from musicals! I hope that you guys like this! Los geht’s!

  • SILBERMOND I thought that I’d start out with Silbermond because, as I write this, I’m listening to their song “Durch die Nacht” [Through the Night]! Silbermond is a German metal/rock band and I love them so much! Their band name means “Silver moon.” In general, their songs are pretty awesome and I just love the stories they manage to tell with their lyrics! Some of my favorite songs from these guys are “Das Beste” [The Best], “Irgendwas bleibt” [Something That Remains], “Krieger des Licht” [Circle of Lights], and “Durch die Nacht” [Through the Night].

  • WITHIN TEMPTATION – Within Temptation is a Dutch symphonic metal band but all of their songs are in English and they have been a favorite of mine since back in 2010. Their lyrics (especially from their earlier albums) are really meaningful and tell stories. Sharon den Adel also has stunning vocals! Some of my favorite songs of theirs are “Memories”, “Hand of Sorrow”, “Angels”, “Bittersweet”, “Out Farewell”, and “Frozen.”

  • GEORGE FRIEDRICH HÄNDEL – My favorite classical music composer is Händel and I definitely love listening to his music! I was brought up listening to his oratorio “The Messiah” and that remains my favorite piece of classical music. His “Water Music” is also really good and I love listening to it!

  • J.S. BACH – My dad’s favorite composer has always been J.S. Bach, and because of this, I listened to a lot of his music while I was growing up. He definitely wrote some beautiful music and I especially love his BWV 201, “Gerschwinde, ihr wirbelden Winde” and my favorite song from that composition is “Pan ist meister,  lasst ihn gehen.” 

  • HYMNS – Hymns are some of my favorite things to listen to, especially in tough times as I find that they always manage to cheer me up and make me feel happier. Some of my favorite hymns are “I Know That My Redeemer Lives”, “A Mighty Fortress is Our God”, “What a Friend We Have in Jesus”, “I Walk in Danger All the Way”, “Chief of Sinners Though I Be”, and “Jesus, Savior Pilot Me.”


What music do you listen to? Vielen Dank und tschüss!


11 thoughts on “I’m a Musical Theatre Fan But What Type of Music Do I Listen To When I’m Not Listening to Musicals?

  1. That’s not musicals in what I listen to: my main other genre is contemporary Christian music. I connect to that type of music in kind of a similar way that I connect to when it comes to musicals. If it wasn’t for both genres, I wouldn’t have discovered the power of music in the first place. It can be hard loving both genres in some ways. It can be hard to talk to people about music as a lot of my peers listen to what college students tend to listen to and sometimes those peers have a hard time understanding my main interests in music


    1. Yeah, I totally get that. A lot of the people I know don’t really share the same music interests as me and like you said, it can be pretty tough to connect to people when it comes to music. I tend to like music that’s got a strong message and story as well as good lyrics.


      1. Some people at school have called me too passionate about musicals and I don’t like being called too passionate about musicals. So its nice going to this and being to share my passion of musicals and be able to have conversations with other fans of musicals


      2. Definitely. For the most part, the people I know tend to think that my love for musicals is a good thing and will maybe sometimes tease me about it (kindly). However, sometimes there definitely are people who will give me weird looks for talking about musicals and think I’m a little too in love with musicals.


      3. Some people accept my love for musicals, but think I talk about them a bit too much. But they are a big part of who I am and I do talk about more often ever since I started this blog because after all this blog has a big focus on musicals


      4. Yeah, definitely. I think some of my friends probably think I talk about musicals a tad excessively but they never outright say it. For the most part, they just see it as something that really sticks out about me. Most of my friends are a little bit interested in musicals but don’t watch too many because they never want to watch musical movies and say that they’d prefer to watch whatever musical it is live. So next year I really want to convince them to come along with me to watch Les Miz and Phantom when those tours come to Seattle!


      5. I know people who are fans of musicals, but not fans of musicals in the way that the two of us are. Everyone at school knows that I am a Les Mis Freak. I don’t mind seeing musical movies, but would rather see a musical live and I checked today and still cannot ask my parents to get tickets to Les Mis


      6. Absolutely. I love musical movies because they are awesome to be able to watch when you can’t see a stage production but stage productions definitely are my favorites. In Seattle, I think they are selling Les Miz tickets but only to Season Ticket holders so I’m still unable to buy them which is a bummer!


      7. Right now, I don’t know if Les Mis tickets are being bought by Season Ticket holders or not, but Les Mis was one of the extras so I don’t know or not, but I will still check everyday.

        I love musical movies in as they can watch them when I can’t see a stage show. I can see new musicals in that way or when I want to see a musical I love again, I can see the movie of the musical. Will only do that again if I loved the movie: most of the time: I seem to love the movie if I see the movie first


  2. I don’t listen to a lot of music outside of musicals…oops! But when I do it’s generally the Star Wars movie soundtracks or occasionally Taylor Swift 😛


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