What’s There to Do in Seattle?

Guten Abend, Leute! Next week, a group of friends and I are going to downtown Seattle for well… a whole day. I, as a Seattlite am well known for saying “Psshh… there’s nothing to do in Seattle!” And well… that’s not exactly true. I mean, compared to New York or California, there’s pretty much nothing to do but Seattle is, admittedly a pretty awesome place if I may say so myself. So, here are some things you can do in Seattle! Los geht’s

1. Walk around. Sounds lame, I know. But believe me, Seattle’s a wonderful place to just walk around. Just watch out for the traffic! (People drive crazy in Seattle.) If you’re planning to come to Seattle and mostly stay in the downtown area, I highly discourage renting a car. Parking is horrible and pretty much everything is in walking distance. Besides, driving around, you might miss some cool architecture!

2. Coffee. Seattle is run on coffee so try out some small, local coffee shops! 

3. Visit the Seattle Underground. You might not guess it, but Seattle’s history is actually quite interesting. In 1889, Seattle burned to the ground and well, what is currently Seattle was built over those ruins. You can actually visit the Underground today if you go into Pioneer Square! It’s actually pretty awesome! The tours are, in my opinion, well worth the fee!

Part of the Seattle underground!
4. Visit the Ferris Wheel. Seattle is a beautiful city and well… the Great Wheel will give you some of the best views of Seattle (for the best price)! You’ll get a lovely view of the water too!

5. Watch a salmon being thrown in Pike Place Market! Yes, this is actually something that we do in Seattle! And the best part? It’s free! Yep! Pike Place is full of charms so just go and look around a bit! There are some really cool little shops!

6. Just sit by the water! Seattle’s waterfront is a pretty nice place to just hang out and a nice place to eat lunch!

7. Alki Beach. Somw of the best restaurants I’ve been to in Seattle are in Alki. It’s a beautiful place to walk around and, if you’re there around meal times, there are plenty of great dining options!

8. Take a ferry! You can access the ferries easily from downtown Seattle and it you want to get away from the city for a little while, it’s a nice way of just getting away and seeing a little more of Washington state! You might also catch a nice view of Seattle from the ferry! 

9. Run around in the rain (without an umbrella or a hood). Believe me, this’ll not only help you fit in, but it’s a lot of fun. In many cities you see people carrying around umbrellas on rainy days but not so in Seattle! Aside from the occasional businessman, most people in Seattle just will run around in the rain without any of the usual rain-guards! Try it out! It’s really quite fun and refreshing!

10. Look at the street art! Seattle’s street art is, well, to say the least, pretty weird (most of the time) but I think that the street art, in many ways, helps to set Seattle apart from other cities!


What are some things you love to do in your hometown? Danke und tschüss!


7 thoughts on “What’s There to Do in Seattle?

  1. In Charlotte, I can do the same thing and say “I have no idea what to do in Charlotte”. But you can go to the theatre as because Charlotte is a big city touring companies tend to stop by Charlotte, can walk on the greenway, go to the nearby outlets, spend time uptown (our name for downtime), you can shop at one of the two malls. Boy, why do I live in Charlotte, but don’t really know what to do in my hometown


    1. Those sound like some pretty awesome things to do! For me in Seattle, it often seems like there’s nothing to do, but, when I actually get to thinking about it, there’s actually quite a few things to do in Seattle–you just have to be willing to look for them! My favorite thing about spending time in Seattle is that there is so much to do without having to spend much–or any–money!


      1. Our main theaters are the Belk and Ovens. Belk is downtown and Ovens is more in the middle of nowhere. The greenways are more spread out throughout Charlotte. One of the greenways actually inspired one of the stories I hope to write someday


      2. In terms of the theatres, Belk comes to mind first. The 2016 musicals, I went to both theatre. Newsies was at Belk and Wicked was at Ovens. The year before Pippin was at Belk and Sound of Music was at Belk. I honestly have no idea what makes shows decide what theatre they decide to go to.

        The greenways are beautiful. The Fairy Frogs were inspired by a section of a greenway that looked like a Cattail Forest


      3. I often wonder about that too when I’m looking at shows that are coming to Seattle. Most tours seem to stop at the Paramount but occasionally one will stop at the 5th Avenue theatre. It’s also kind of odd because depending on the theatre a show is playing at, seats can be drastically different prices! Oftentimes at the 5th Avenue theatre you can get tickets for $25 dollars (or less if you have a college ID) but at the Paramount tickets tend to be, at the cheapest, about $50.


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