My Top 5 Favorite Songs From Each of My Top 2 Favorite Musicals?

Guten Morgen, Leute! A little while ago I wrote a post about my current top 10 favorite musicals and well, in short, today I thought that I would share my top 5 favorite songs from  the top 2 on that list! Los geht’s!


One my list I had ELISABETH in the top spot. It’s a musical that I find deeply inspiring and relatable. It’s got many amazing characters and the story is a very unique one that I’ve never seen anywhere else before. I really think it is a creative musical full of interesting symbolism and such. The songs are phenomenal and, all in all, I really think that it’s a beautiful musical! But what are my favorite songs? Well… here they are:

  • “Der Schleier fällt” [The Veil Descends] is one of the most beautiful finales that I’ve ever seen in my life. The lyrics are so gorgeous and I love every bit of it.

  • “Wie du” [Like You] is such a sweet song and I simply can’t help but love this song and this scene. I love seeing how childlike Sisi is and I also really enjoy seeing how much she loves her father. This scene also really does show how much Sisi yearns to have a more exciting, full life.

  • “Ich gehör nur mir” [I Belong (Only) To Me] really serves as the overarching musical theme of the musical and I absolutely adore it. I’ve always thought that it was such a wonderful song. And, the scene itself is pretty awesome as well!

  • “Elisabeth mach auf” [Elisabeth Open Up] is one of those songs that I could listen to on repeat all day and not get tired of it. It’s one of those songs! There’s so much emotion poured into this song and, if you’re into unrequited love, that’s all over the place in this song! I just love everything about this song!

  • “Alle tanzten mit dem Tod” [Everyone Has Danced With Death] is a song that I constantly find myself repeating on my iPod. In my opinion, it’s the perfect opening song and really sets up the story and the characters perfectly and I love it for that. It’s also just really an exciting song and I love it for that!


My list had LES MIZ in at 2nd place but really, it could technically be tied with ELISABETH for 1st depending on how I think about it. LES MIZ has so many beautiful songs and wonderful characters and I just absolutely love it! It’s an inspirational, yet heartbreaking story and I love it for that!

  • “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables” is the song that first comes to mind when I think of my favorite songs from LES MISÉRABLES. It’s one of the saddest songs in the musical and man, the emotions in this song are very real and vivid.
  • “I Dreamed a Dream” is one of those songs from LES MIZ that practically everyone has heard at least once in their lives. It’s an absolutely beautiful song and I love it so much.

  • “On My Own” is a song that I fell in love with almost immediately. I remember it being one of the songs that stuck with me after the first watching. It’s also the song that has led me to love Éponine’s character so much.

  • “Do You Hear the People Sing” has been stuck in my head for well… forever, it would seem. It’s sich a wonderful rallying song and I love it so much!
  • “Final Battle” is a song that I, for some reason really love. It’s full of great lyrics and really, in this moment, I feel so connected with the revolutionaries and the cause.


What are your favorite songs from your favorite musicals? Danke ubd tschüss!


7 thoughts on “My Top 5 Favorite Songs From Each of My Top 2 Favorite Musicals?

  1. Boy from my top two favorite musicals:

    From Wicked, love “Popular”, “Dancing Through Life”, “I’m Not That Girl”, “What is This Feeling”, “As Long As Your’e Mine”

    From Les Mis, the list might be longer, “On My Own”, “I Dreamed a Dream”, “Do You Hear the People Sing” (that song was stuck in my head since I first saw the movie), “Red and Black”, “Drink With Me”, “A Little Fall of Rain”, “Epilogue”, “One Day More”. The songs flow so wonderfully together and with the musical being sung through, the songs flow so well together and they are so well crafted together. Victor Hugo’s writing was written to be sung through only because of all of the emotion written into his work.


      1. “Popular” is still my favorite song from Wicked mainly because that was my favorite song from the musical as a 12 year old and that was all I remember from my Broadway experience so there is meaning from behind that.


      2. That’s awesome! For me, the scene that most sticks out to me from my first viewing was the part right before “Defying Gravity” with the flying monkeys because I, as a five or six year old, was horrified!


      3. I am starting to remember more than just the songs now: even spoken scenes are starting to be remembered. Like the entire lion cub scene: that is important for both Elphaba’s and Fiyero’s development. I do remember one line that Fiyero did say to Elphaba around the lines of “do you ever let anyone else talk” and then there’s something like “how come your’e spell didn’t affect me back there”. So I can pick up on the fact that 1) Elphaba is talkative and 2)she just found out she loves Fiyero so that affects just how heartbreaking “I’m Not That Girl” is. Then you can pick up on the fact that FIyero probably has a crush on Elphaba. Boy, I usually don’t even remember spoken scenes


      4. I usually don’t either. It’s been so long since I’ve last seen Wicked and spoken scenes are kinda a blur right now. Funny because I practically know all of the songs by heart but the spoken scenes are like a hazy cloud in my memory!


      5. Some of the characters are better to get to know through the spoken scenes: maybe thats part of why some characters keep on being overlooked. Elphaba, Fiyero, and Glinda will always touch me the most


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