My Favorite Musical Cast Recordings / CDs?

Guten Morgen, Leute! Today, I thought that I’d talk a little about some of my favorite musical theatre-related CDs. Some of these (or rather most of these) are cast recordings and others are CDs that are a compilation of many songs from many musicals. Los geht’s!

  1. ELISABETH (Wien, 2012 LIVE) is quite easily one of my favorite CDs on my shelves. The cast is my all time favorite and well, the fact that it was a live recording makes it all the better in my opinion! I love hearing the applause of the audience as it really makes me feel as if I’m there! The music, as always is beautiful, and it even has some tracks that other recordings of ELISABETH don’t generally contain!
  2. LES MISÉRABLES (25th Anniversary, 2010 LIVE) is another beautiful live-recorded cast recording. Seriously. Whenever people ask me what cast of LES MIZ I recommend them listening to I recommend this one. Earl Carpenter and John Owen-Jones make a really splending Javert-Valjean pair and I just love everything about this recording! It also has “The Final Battle” on it, a song that I haven’t seen any other recording have!
  3. THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (OBC) was one of the first musical cast recordings I ever had. I got it for my birthday when I was about 13 and man, I just haven’t really stopped listening to it since!
  4. Mark Seibert: …SO FAR! Seine größten musicalerfolge bis jetzt has become one of my favorite CDs in the past year. The songs on this CD are some of my favorites. If you want a mix of German and English musical theatre songs this CD is perfect. His ELISABETH medley on this CD is one of my favorite tracks and I think that his English version of “Nur sie allein” from ARTUS-EXCALIBUR is really well done! It wasn’t a song that I’d ever heard sung in English but the English translation works really well, I think! He also sings songs from musicals like WICKED, LES MIZ, and ONCE on this CD!
  5. INTO THE WOODS (OBC) is one of those CDs that I just am never tired of listening to. The CD is just a lot of fun to listen to and I love it!
  6. BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (OBC) is a CD that I am ever so glad that I picked up on Amazon. It’s a wonderful CD and has some of my favorite Disney songs of all time on it!
  7. WICKED (Original German Cast) is always a joy to listen to. While I do really love the OBC of WICKED, I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for this particular CD because it was the CD that really made me fall in love with WICKED. Willemijn Verkaik and Mark Seibert have got to be one of my favorite Elphaba-Fiyero duos ever!
  8. SCHIKANEDER (Original Cast, Wien, 2016) is an absolutely phenomenal CD if you like some good classical music. It’s just a really fun, lighthearted CD to listen to and really, the music just sounds so happy. 
  9. TANZ DER VAMPIRE (Original Cast) is just so much fun to listen to. Steve Barton (original Raoul from PHANTOM) plays a super good Count Krolock and I just think that this CD is amazing!
  10. LA FANTASMA DE LA OPERA (Original Mexican Cast of PHANTOM, 2000) is a CD that I listen to quite a bit despite not understanding very much Spanish. The cast is a very good one and I just really love listening to it!


What are your favorite CDs? Vielen Dank und tschüss!


5 thoughts on “My Favorite Musical Cast Recordings / CDs?

  1. I listen to the Original Broadway soundtrack of Phantom of the Opera: I don’t have all the songs on my iPod thought. I also own the Original Broadway soundtrack as well. I love the Revival Broadway Pippin cast and the Original Broadway Newsies cast. I own the Original Broadway Rent cast. I own the Original Broadway South Pacific cast as well I think. I do own the Original Broadway Les Mis cast as I couldn’t decide which cast to get so my parents bought the soundtrack. I own the Sound of Music movie soundtrack as well as long as the 1982 Annie Soundtrack.

    I hope next time I get a new cast, I hope to own the Original Broadway Beauty and the Beast soundtrack.


    1. Those are all some really great CDs! I love having my musical CDs so that I can listen to them on roadtrips and things like that! It’s also nice to have a little part of the show that you can listen to whenever you want!


      1. I usually only bring my CDs out when I’m driving or when I would rather not listen to music in my earbuds. I do have several CDs on my iPhone but most of my favorites happen to be only in the CD format. I hope to buy more cast recordings for my iPhone when my birthday rolls around!


      2. On my iPhone, I like when it is just plugged in to turn on my musical playlist and just hit shuffle and just see what it randomly plays. When my family goes somewhere like Florida or Asheville even, I have to use my iPod.


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