Songs That ALWAYS Seem To Be On My Writing Playlists?

Guten Morgen, Leute! Wie geht’s?
I’m a writer. I love music. So writing playlists are always a pleasure for me to assemble. Personally, I like to have a different writing playlist tailored for every WIP that I work on but there are several songs that always seem to make their way onto my lists! Today, I thought that I’d share some of them with y’all and reflect on why they always seem to pop up on my writing playlists! Los geht’s!

  • “I Know Things Now” from INTO THE WOODS – I’m all about my characters taking risks and sometimes doing things that are uncomfortable for them because these sorts of scenarios really present perfect opportunities for character development. This song really seems to embody that and so this song appears on most of my writing playlists.
  • “Das Beste” [The Best] by Silbermond – I’ve always loved writing romantic subplots and this song from my favorite German band really fits the sort of mood/feeling that I try to put into my stories.
  • “I Need to Know” from JEKYLL & HYDE – A good “I Want” song is always awesome to have on a writing playlist but this one is definitely one of those songs that seems to fit with my writing style. I’ve always loved the mood that this song kind of sets up!
  • “Der Schleier fällt” [The Veil Descends] from ELISABETH – The lyrics of this song always have seemed to really align with my characters. I like my characters to be strong and yet human. I like them to be true to themselves and I like for them to have something they’re fighting for.
  • “Du bist meine Welt“ [You Are My World] from RUDOLF: AFFAIRE MAYERLING – On this list, this song is kinda unique in that I don’t typically find that there is any reason for my to have this song on my writing playlists other than for the fact that I really love this song and that it makes me happy. However, this song is always helpful to me when writing a final scene. This song actually really seemed to fit the ending for my novel Clemency!
  • “Overture” from THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA – PHANTOM’s overture is one of the most dramatic pieces of music that I have ever heard and always gets me in a writing mood!
  • “Home” from WONDERLAND – The bittersweet nature of this song makes it one that fits nicely with my writing. I always am happy when it shows up on a playlist!
  • “Draußen ist Freiheit” [Out There is Freedom] from TANZ DER VAMPIRE – I’ve found that oftentimes my characters are seeking some sort of adventure whether that be a big adventure or a small one. This song definitely makes writing those sorts of emotions easier!
  • “Träum groß” [Dream Big] from SCHIKANEDER – I love it when characters have ambitions and when they have some sort of big goal in mind. This song is perfect for channeling that positive, ambitious attitude!
  • “Finale/Do You Hear the People Sing (Reprise)” from LES MISÉRABLES – I’ve always loved writing tragedy. However, tragedy is something that one really needs to be careful with. This song manages that balance between a sad and satisfactory ending perfectly.
  • “Irgendwas bleibt” [Something (That) Remains] by Silbermond – This song really is perfect for the types of novels that I enjoy writing. The lyrics are pretty much perfect!


What songs always seem to fnd their way into your writing playlists? Do you like writing while listening to music? Danke und tschüss!


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