Shoujo Cosette | Review

Guten Morgen, Leute! Wie geht’s?

Yes, I love Les Misérables. I really, really love Les Misérables. So, of course, when I found out that there was an anime adaption of the book, I was all for giving it a try! It was a little over a year ago when I watched Shoujo Cosette but I’ve been thinking about it a lot recently so I thought that I write a review for it today! Los geht’s! 


Okay… so Shoujo Cosette, huh?

It’s a pretty good adaption of the book. In all honesty, it is. So if you’re looking for an adaption of the book, it’s great. If you want an adaption of the musical, you’re out of luck. Not just because it is most certainly not a musical, but also because Shoujo Cosette follows the book’s storyline more closely than it does the musical’s plot. The musical’s plot does stray a little from the book so that’s something to keep in mind.

Things that weren’t kept the same from what is considered to be Les Misérables canon:

  • Gavroche is a friend of Cosette’s while she’s living with the Thenardiers. He’s still the son of the Thenardiers but in the book, Gavroche wasn’t born at the time in which Cosette is with the Thenardier family. So… that’s quite a bit different.
  • Javert doesn’t commit suicide. Initially, I was pretty upset about this change but the more that I think about it, it really doesn’t bother me all that much. In the anime, Javert doesn’t commit suicide because, just as he’s about to, he sees the light and changes his ways. Some people are going to hate it, some people are going to be okay with it. But… you know.

So, let’s take a look at the characters, shall we? I’ll introduce them all to you now before we get into the fun part! (Click through the slideshow to see the characters!)

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As much as those two changes are pretty big changes (especially the Javert one), there are also some really great things from the book that they kept–things that most adaptions of Les Misérables decide to cut out. For example:

  • Enjolras being really popular with the ladies.
  • Marius thinks that Cosette’s name is Ursule at first. Yeah… remember that part?
  • The “Would You Like My Hat?” Scene.
    • I loved this scene in the book and was ecstatic when I found out that it was adapted for the anime! It’s a great one and well… let’s be honest, Javert’s dry humor’s absolutely to die for in this scene…


  • The friendship between the Friends of the ABCs.
    • Yeah… they’re a pretty big part of any adaption of Les Misérables but unfortunately, I feel like they get watered down a lot. In the musical, for example, we don’t really get to see much of them as individuals. In the anime, though, we do get to see the students more as individuals than we do in other adaptations.


  • Enjolras and Gavroche scenes.
    • In the musical, there aren’t really any scenes with just Enjolras and Gavroche. But in the anime, we’ve got some pretty spot-on Enjolras and Gavroche scenes and it’s great!

enjolras gavroche.png

  • Marius acts as comic relief… to an extent. And his characterization based off of the book is actually kinda on point.
    • In the book, Marius is pretty clumsy and actually provides quite a bit of comic relief. And well… Shoujo Cosette used this perfectly!


I will forewarn you, though, that some of the translations do not go over well. Er… there are indefinite scenes in which Enjolras comes across as well… a total idiot. Which any fan of Les Miz knows is completely off. Take a look at this:

laughing right now

Enjolras… I think that everyone understands that a country is a place where people lives… right? But forasmuch as it is incredibly laughable, it’s also something that I love. I have this particular screenshot on my phone and I love looking at it when I’m feeling down. It honestly is my go-to for a pick-me-up.

Let’s see… what else is there to say about Shoujo Cosette?

Ah, here’s something: isn’t “Enjolras” just about the most difficult name you’ve ever come across in the history of literature and fiction? I mean, I’ve always thought so. Apparently, so does Javert:


Honestly, relatable though. Right?

Oh and one more thing… in the anime, there are little previews that are actually pretty hilarious. Here, take a look at this:


So, yes. In short, I like Shoujo Cosette a lot actually. I like to laugh about it a lot but overall, I have to admit that it’s downright adorable. Honestly. And it’s a fangirl’s dream come true.

What do you think? Vielen Dank und tschüss! 


My Favorite Non-Romantic Musical Duets

Guten Tag, Leute! Ich hoffe das alles ist gut!

When people think of duets, they usually think of love songs. Musical fans know that, as true as it is that musical duets can indicate a love song, musical duets could be anything from love songs to songs about friendship. Duets may even be sung by two characters who have never met each other. So, yes, just because a duet is sung, it doesn’t mean that the song is a love song. It could be, sure. But it might not be. So, for today, I thought that I’d write a post on my favorite duets from musicals that are not romance related! Los geht’s! 

  • “In His Eyes” from JEKYLL & HYDE – This is the first one that popped into my head for a few reasons. 1) Lucy and Lisa (Emma) never meet throughout the course of the show. 2) While they are singing about love, it’s not really what I would call a love song. 3) Even if it does deal with love, the two characters are not singing about their love for each other, but rather singing about their love for the same person: Henry Jekyll. He’s not there, though, and he doesn’t have a part in the song.
  • “Boote in der Nacht” [Boats in the Night] from ELISABETH – This song is more of a duet that really showcases unrequited love. Sisi sees Franz Joseph as more of a friend than anything else but it’s clear that Franz Joseph loves Sisi just as he always had since “Nicht ist schwer.” “Boote in der Nacht” is really more of a song about failed love.
  • “For Good” from WICKED – “For Good” is probably my favorite moment of Act II of WICKED. It’s a heartfelt moment that is impossible to forget once you’ve formed a connection with Elphaba and Glinda as characters. It’s probably one of my favorite songs about friendship and it’s an absolutely awesome song.
  • “I am the One (Reprise)” from NEXT TO NORMAL – Yes, I know. The title sounds like a title that could belong to a love song. But it’s not. I promise. While the song starts off with a little part that Diana sings, the main focus of the song is the part between Dan and his deceased son, Gabe. It’s definitely one of the most powerful moments of the show and I absolutely love it.
  • “No Matter What” from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST – There were a few reasons I was pretty upset about the fact that the new movie for BEAUTY AND THE BEAST wasn’t going to have all of the songs from the Broadway production. One of them was that that would mean that this song would not make an appearance in the movie. I think that this scene is a great one between Belle and her dad and it works out really, really well.
  • “Nothing’s Gonna Harm You” from SWEENEY TODD: DEMON BARBER OF FLEET STREET – I’m going to call this one a duet even though it’s mostly sung by Toby and Mrs. Lovett really only joins in a little bit. But, all the same, one of the things that makes this song so powerful is the very fact that Mrs. Lovett does join in. This is definitely my favorite song from the entire show.
  • “Wie du” [Like You] from ELISABETH – Since the two songs preceding this one on the list have been songs that illustrate a relationship between a parental figure and a child,  I thought that I’d make good and follow up with yet another one. “Wie du” is the first scene in which we really get to see Sisi as a character. (Depending on the production she might make an appearance in “Alle tanzten mit dem Tod”…) It’s the scene in which she’s saying goodbye to her father and we see how out of place Sisi seems. It’s immediately clear that she’s a girl with big dreams–big dreams that will be considered “unacceptable” for her to even try to achieve.
  • “Letting Go” from JEKYLL & HYDE – I think that this is the last parent-child duet that I’ve got on this list (not entirely sure but…) and it’s one that’s in a little bit of a different vein that the others. “Letting Go” is sung by Sir Danvers Carew and his daughter Lisa (or Emma, depending on the production). Sir Danvers is, as one might expect, a little heartbroken by the idea that his daughter is leaving him to marry Henry Jekyll in a short time. This scene is one that’s full of emotion and I love it. Lisa, however, tells her father that she is glad to marry Jekyll and promises that this is not a permanent goodbye situation and that they will certainly see each other again; that this is just a new chapter in their lives.
  • “Die Schatten werden länger (Reprise/Akt II)” [The Shadows Grow Longer] from ELISABETH –  This duet is a lot darker in nature than the other ones on this list but it’s actually probably one of my favorites on this list. “Die Schatten werden länger” is a duet sung by Rudolf and der Tod and it’s a really intense scene for both the audience and the characters.
  • “Confrontation” from LES MISÉRABLES – I feel like this scene is one that I and a lot of other fans of LES MIZ tend to overlook. I’m not even 100% sure as to why I do overlook this song since I get chills every time I listen/watch it.
  • “Wenn ich tanzen will” [If I Want to Dance] from ELISABETH – This song is unique because although these two characters who sing this song do have a sort of romantic arc going on (it’s kinda complicated…), this song really isn’t about love. It’s about being free. Although der Tod does bring up the fact that Sisi loves him, it’s not a main focus of the song.


Those are just some of the ones that came to mind today! Which ones do you think of? Vielen Dank und tschüss! 

Songs From Musicals That I Haven’t Watched/Listened To in Full That I Love?

Hallo und guten Tag, Leute!

There are a whole lot of musicals out there. There are even more songs from musicals out there. And from day one, I’ve kind of had to accept that I will never get to watch every musical in the world. It’s just not going to happen, right? But even if I haven’t watched or listened to a musical in its entirety, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t songs from those musicals that I really enjoy. So, for today, this list is dedicated to those songs from musicals! Los geht’s!

  • “Lost in the Wilderness” from CHILDREN OF EDEN – I have absolutely no idea what the synopsis of CHILDREN OF EDEN is. I don’t know the basic plot points or even any of the characters’ names. But… I love this song. I came across it on Mark Seibert’s CD “With You: The Unusual Way” and I fell in love with its upbeat tempo and I just thought that it was a really fun song! All the same, as much as I like the song, I don’t think that I’ll be listening to the entire musical all the way through. It’s not a musical that I’m not considering giving a chance though–I’d like to find out more about it before I decide to sit down and give it a listen.
  • “With You” from GHOST – Like “Lost in the Wilderness”, I also came across this song on the same CD. I think that I may have actually listened to GHOST in full once but I fell asleep after the first song and don’t remember anything about it so I don’t count it. “With You” is a song that I enjoy because I think that it really tells a story. I do know the basic details about the musical’s plot and I think that the song really does do a really great job at illustrating what the story is about in a subtle way.
  • “Goodbye” from CATCH ME IF YOU CAN – I have actually listened to CATCH ME IF YOU CAN in full and I was fully awake when I did so. Unfortunately, this is the only song from the entire musical that I can remember at all and I barely remember anything about it so… this song makes it onto the list. I think that this song is so wonderfully energetic and I love it!
  • “Ich bin schuldlos” [I am Guilty] from ROMEO UND JULIA – Of course, I know the plot of William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet. I assume that the musical follows more or less the same plot as Shakespeare’s play (but I could be wrong). I have no idea which character sings this song (I think that it might be Tybalt?). I just know that I really like it! And well… that I might listen to ROMEO UND JULIA in full sometime but… we’ll see.
  • “Wie kann es möglich sein” [How Can it be Possible] from MOZART! – The main reason that I haven’t listened to MOZART! in its entirety yet is because, as much as I like this song, I just don’t really feel the pull to watch the musical. I mean, I really liked the movie Amadeus but… well, we’ll see if I ever listen to all of MOZART!. At this point, I think that I probably will end up not doing so (at least for a year or two). Maybe my mind will change though!
  • “I Will Be There” from THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO – I’ve listened to a few of the songs from THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO but I think the total sum of those songs would equate to about three. So… I haven’t really listened to THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO. I am, however, quite familiar with the plot. Honestly, I have no idea what’s going on in this song (from my knowledge of the plot, there are a plethora of possibilities and I don’t even want to start digging into it). All I can say is that I do really like this song and I think that it’s a great one for all vocal ranges. Whether you have a tenor or bass singing the male part, it ends up great. Whether you have an alto or mezzo-soprano singing the female part, it works out!
  • “Falling Slowly” from ONCE – I know next to nothing about this musical, to be honest with you. What I do know, though, is that I heard it on one of Mark Seibert’s CDs (though I’m not even entirely sure which one it was anymore). And well, I really like this song! It’s quite a bit different from the other songs on this list but hey, that’s okay, right?
  • “Sarah” from THE CIVIL WAR – Yeah… so I don’t really know what there is for me to say about this song other than the fact that I really enjoy it and that it’s from a musical called THE CIVIL WAR. That’s literally all that I know about it…
  • “Bring Me Giants” from CYRANO DE BERGERAC – I heard this one for the first time on James Barbour’s CD called well… “Bring Me Giants”. This song’s really powerful (especially at the end) and I really love it! Though, knowing CYRANO DE BERGERAC’s storyline, I can’t help but feel that this song would have been great in some other musical for some reason.
  • “Run Away With Me” from THE UNAUTHORIZED AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF SAMANTHA BROWN – I literally had to look up the name of this musical for this post because I had no clue what the title was. The only reason why I know this song is because Aaron Tveit sang it for a CD of his and I’ve discovered that I really enjoy the song!
  • “If Ever I Would Leave You” from CAMELOT – I’ve definitely heard of CAMELOT plenty of times throughout my life. It’s a pretty classic musical and, because I do really like Arthurian legends (you can blame the TV show Merlin), this musical’s definitely come under my radar a few times. However, this is the only song that I’ve listened to from this musical (to my knowledge). And as much as I do like Arthurian legends, I might just continue to rewatch Merlin for the rest of my life and not listen to the entirety of this musical (unless an apt opportunity presents itself).


Well, that’s it for me! Are there any songs that you really like from musicals that you’ve never really sat down and listened to in full?

My Favorite Villain Songs From Musicals

Guten Tag!

Last week I wrote a post about how wonderful songs are in musicals. And I talked a lot about villain songs in particular. But for today, I thought that I’d share some of my personal favorite villain songs with you all! Los geht’s!

  1. “With One Look” from SUNSET BOULEVARD – I think that it’s safe to say that Norma Desmond is the villain of SUNSET BOULEVARD (albeit one that you can definitely feel sympathetic towards in this song). In this song, Norma’s dreams are laid out before the audience and you almost want to root for her at this point. But… as the story progresses and Norma’s character spirals deeper into her madness, it becomes clear that she definitely is the villain of the story.
  2. “Out of Sight Out of Mind” from A TALE OF TWO CITIES – While, in no way are the aristocrats painted as being “the good guys” in A TALE OF TWO CITIES, it’s clear that Madame Defarge is the villain of the story in her vengeance bent storyline. She’s set on destroying Charles Darnay (Evermonde) because of what his father and uncle did to her sister. In this song we definitely get the villainous vibe off of her but it’s also, at the same time, easy to sympathize with her because we know her backstory and we know that her life is tough being as she is in the lower class and, in revolutionary France, peasants were not treated well.
  3. “Eine Kaiserin muss glänzen” [An Empress Must Shine] from ELISABETH – I’ve stated in other posts that I am not sure if the villain of ELISABETH shows up within the show. All the same, though, I feel like Sophie, Franz Joseph’s mother and Sisi’s mother in-law is definitely the closest thing that we’ve got to a villain in the show. In “Eine Kaiserin muss glänzen” we really get a feel for what Sophie’s like and how miserable Sisi is going to be in her new life as Empress.
  4. “Alles ist vorbei” [Everything is Over] from ARTUS-EXCALIBUR – I think that Morgana has always been one of the characters in Arthurian legend that has always been most intriguing to me and perhaps that contributes into why I love this song so much. Morgana really makes a great villain and the ways in which she manipulates Arthur to ruin his life are really interesting! I think that “Alles ist vorbei” perfectly describes what’s going on in this scene and how Arthur feels throughout the course of the scene. He’s feeling like everything that’s been important to him is over and that things will never be right again. Which is precisely how Morgana wants him to feel.
  5. “Spread a Little Sunshine” from PIPPIN – I think that this song is a really great villain song because it’s so telling of how Frastrada is. She’s manipulative and really only thinks about herself. Out of context it seems like a really upbeat, positive song, but when you watch it play out, Frastrada’s villainous nature really shows through!
  6. “The Last Midnight” from INTO THE WOODS – I think that this song is the song from INTO THE WOODS that really convinced me to give the show another try after being initially a little skeptical about the movie. The symbolism and metaphor in this song is really amazing and you can see the witch’s distress and agony in this song. It really is a sad song when you listen to it thoroughly.
  7. “Alive” from JEKYLL & HYDE – Since Hyde is the personification of evil itself, it would have been a downright shame to have a villain song that was anything less than spectacular for Hyde. Luckily, Frank Wildhorn didn’t disappoint and whipped up “Alive.” Let me tell you this: it’s amazing.
  8. “Maison des Lunes” from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST – This is a little more of a villain song than “Me” is and I think that it’s such a great song because it shows off Gaston’s villainous, more calculating side!
  9. “Stepsister’s Lament” from Rodgers and Hammerstein’s CINDERELLA – Okay, I’ll be honest with you: I cannot listen to this song without cracking up. Honestly. This song is hilarious because the stepsisters are essentially insulting Cinderella (they don’t know that it’s Cinderella but…) with compliments and it’s hilarious. I especially love the movie version!
  10. “You’ve Gotta Pick a Pocket or Two” from OLIVER! – Fagin is probably the most memorable villain from any musical that I watched as a kid. This song is just one that has always stuck out to me ever since I first watched it and to this day it continues to be one of my favorite songs from the musical!


What are your favorite villain songs? Vielen Dank und tschüss! 

The Reading Slump

Guten Tag, Leute!

Reading slumps are just the worst, aren’t they? Especially the type where you want to read but you just never do. It’s downright miserable, especially when you’ve got library due dates glaring at you every time you open your laptop to do something.

I’ve been borrowing books from the library a lot recently. Buying books just isn’t something that I can do right now and, aside from that, the bookstore that I go to hasn’t really been carrying the sort of books that I feel like reading. I don’t want to go to another bookstore because, when you venture away from it, books get way too expensive. So there’s one easy way to fix that: go to the library. Get books to read, read them, return ’em. Easy, right?

Turns out, it’s not. I don’t know what I was thinking when I placed so many holds on items. I bet I was thinking that they wouldn’t all come at once and I’d have time to pace myself. That I’d have time to take it slow. I was wrong.

And you might think: use those due dates as an incentive to read!

I’m trying. Believe me, I am. But the more I look at those due dates and the more I look at that stack of books lying at the edge of my bed, I get more and more discouraged and intimidated by the TBR that’s glaring at me. I mean, the books might as well all have a label on them that says “YOU HAVE TO READ ALL OF US THIS MONTH. WHAT’RE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?”

The logical answer would be, of course, to read. But in between homework, writing, and all of the other things that I have to do in my day to day life, I just don’t have time. And when I do have time, I’m too exhausted to read. I just want to go to sleep or watch a movie or something.

And you know, as much as I might not feel like reading, I really, really want to read. Seriously. The books that I’ve borrowed are all books that I’ve been wanting to read for a really long time. The worst part? The whole reading slump thing could probably just be fixed if I opened one of the books and just read. But for some reason, that’s ridiculously difficult for me to do. But I’m trying, believe me. I’m working on it. I mean, I read two pages of Patrick Rothfuss’s Name of the Wind.

So, I’m working on it. I really am.

Vielen Dank und tschüss! 

All Hallows Write |Writing Tag for CLEMENCY

Guten Morgen, Leute! 

This tag was created by Sam Kassé on Tumbler and it looked like fun so I thought that I’d go ahead and do it!

The Rules:

#1 – Provide a BRIEF description of your novel before starting.

The Cordeliers District is buzzing with thoughts of Revolution. On July 12, 1789, Camille Desmoulins leaps upon a table in the Palais-Royal and rallies the people to the Bastille. As time goes on, however, things start to go downhill. Danaé Thayer and her friends will stop at nothing to end the Terror, stop the Committee of Public Safety, and bring freedom to France. However, in an era where the world has seemingly gone insane and vengeance is on the minds of many, the Cordeliers may find themselves fighting only to find themselves staring down into a basket with a blade hovering over their necks, ready to snap down and put an end to all of their hopes and dreams. Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity come at a price… will they be willing to pay?

Rousseau said that if there were a nation of gods, their government would be a democratic one. 

Revolutionary France is no nation of gods.

#2 – Don’t use the same character for more than 3 answers.

The Questions:

  1. It’s Halloween night! What is your protagonist dressed up as?
    • Let’s face it: Mindy’s dressed up as Camille Desmoulins and is jumping up on just about every table that she possibly can. She’s got the entire Palais Royal speech memorized by heart and recites it perfectly.
  2. Who in your cast refuses to dress up and shows up at the Halloween party without a costume?
    • Rosaire, maybe? I think that he’d just be really reluctant to do it. He would be the type to think that Halloween’s for kids.
  3. Which character wears the most outrageous costume, and what would it be?
    • Julien, duh! Julien would definitely spend lavishly on some artistic representation of a peacock costume.
  4. On Halloween, werewolves, vampires, and zombies are on the prowl. Which of your characters gets caught in their clutches, and which creature do they subsequently turn into?
    • Bastien. Sorry. He’d probably get turned into a vampire and be fascinated with it.
  5. Who wins the contest for best costume?
    • They’d let Julien have it. Why not, right?
  6. Who hands out toothbrushes to the trick and treaters?
    • Whew… maybe Rosaire?
  7. Which two of your characters decide to pair up and do an angel/devil costume together?
    • They’d dress up Isidore and Diodore as an angel/devil duo. Because it’d probably be cute.
  8. Someone is too scared to even attend the Halloween party. Who is it?
    • Well, Isidore? Maybe. He’d be afraid but Julien would explain that it’s just for fun and it’d blow over.
  9.  Who overdoses on Halloween candy and ends up sick?
    • I’m going to go with Bastien for this one.
  10. Which character is most likely to place a curse/hex on someone and who would they curse?
    • Hmm. Rosaire. He’d put a hex on Julien just for fun.


Vielen Dank und tschüss! 

My Favorite Characters From Musicals?

Guten Morgen, Leute! 

It’s been a weird morning for me (to say the least). I’m sitting in the college library, it’s just barely 8 o’clock and I have no classes until 11. It’s going to be a morning filled with writing, that’s for sure. And so I thought that I’d start out by writing this blog post for you guys!

In all honesty, I’ve probably done a post like this before. But… I don’t know, things may have changed since then and I just don’t feel like taking the 30-45 seconds that it would take for me to check if I have already done so. So… if I have already written a post like this one, we can call this round 2, I guess! At any rate, los geht’s!

1. Die Kaiserin Elisabeth “Sisi” von Österreich [Empress Elisabeth of Austria] from ELISABETH 

Annemieke van Dam as Sisi performing “Nichts, Nichts gar Nichts”

Sisi’s a character that I absolutely love because I think that she’s so realistically and believably human. She’s definitely not without her flaws and characters like Lucheni definitely make a point of that. But all the same, she remains a likable character to the audience and she continues to be a person that you root for. While she’s not the ideal human being and most certainly not the ideal ruler of a country, her ambition and drive really does do a lot for her and for Austria. She is fatally ambitious and she knows it but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love the people in her life. Sometimes her ambitions make her forget about people like Rudolf but in the end, you know that she does care. Her story’s especially heartbreaking because she always just wanted to be her own person and even that was denied her throughout the course of her life. It’s obvious to everyone, though, that Sisi is different from most people. And you know, despite all of her shortcomings and her flaws, Sisi is definitely my favorite character in all of musical theatre. I can relate to her feelings of being tied down and repressed in day to day life and her want to just be free and live the life that she wants to live.

2. Portia from SOMETHING ROTTEN!

Kate Reinders as Portia in SOMETHING ROTTEN!

I think that I can safely say that Portia is my favorite side/supporting character from a musical. She’s awesome and I can relate to her a lot! I really love her enthusiasm about reading and how excited she gets when she talks about books, plays, and everything else that she really cares about. She and Nigel are honestly adorable and I can’t help but grin when they show up on stage!

3. der Tod [Death] from ELISABETH

der tod
Mark Seibert as der Tod in ELISABETH

I think that I can truthfully say that der Tod is the most mysterious character in musical theatre that I’ve ever come across. He’s definitely the character that I have the most questions about. His very existence is something that I find myself wondering about quite a bit. All the same, though, (and despite the fact that he is the personification of death) I think that he’s a really interesting character and he’s also a character with lots and lots of great songs. I’m not sure that there’s one song that he sings that I don’t like. Which is a pretty good track record if you ask me!

4. Éponine from LES MISÉRABLES 

frances ruffelle
Frances Ruffelle as Éponine in LES MISÉRABLES

Éponine was really the first character in LES MIZ whom I felt a connection to and she’s actually a big reason why I decided to revisit LES MIZ after my initial viewing which left me a little baffled about what to think. I found her story so interesting and so devastating and I was just really intrigued by her story. So when I rewatched LES MIZ, it was mostly because of my interest in Éponine’s story. And let’s face it: without that second viewing, I probably wouldn’t be as big a fan of LES MIZ as I am today.

5. Elphaba from WICKED 

Willemijn Verkaik as Elphaba in WICKED

Elphaba was a character that I enjoyed from quite a young age and, honestly, if it weren’t for the fact that I watched WICKED as a young kid, I’m not sure that I would have as strong a connection with Elphaba and WICKED as a whole as I do now. A lot of my love for Elphaba comes from the fact that I have a lot of nostalgia connected to her and the rest of the characters in WICKED. Elphaba’s awesome and definitely a very relatable character. Every time I watch WICKED, I seem to pick up on something about Elphaba that I hadn’t notice prior.


Kevin Köhler as Rusty in STARLIGHT EXPRESS

Rusty is a really lovable character because he’s definitely written to be likable. It’s easy to like him because he’s so happy, so kind, and so sweet. He’s also really hardworking and willing to do a lot in order to get to where he wants to be. He’s also a bit of an underdog and, I mean, who doesn’t like to root for the underdog, right?

7. Nancy from OLIVER!

Ruthie Henshall as Nancy in OLIVER!

Nancy’s been a favorite character of mine since I was about six years old and she was the first musical character that I think I really formed an attachment to. She was always a character that I liked in OLIVER! since childhood but now that I’m older and understand her story better, I love her even more than I did in the past.

8. Raoul de Chagny from THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA 

Toby Joch as Raoul de Chagny in DAS PHANTOM DER OPER in Oberhausen Photo Credit: Toby Joch

Hey, it’s Raoul! In all honesty, Raoul should probably be higher on this list but for some reason, he ended up all the way down here and I just don’t want to mess with this post to put him up higher on this list. Raoul’s really sweet and I love him a lot. He’s my favorite character from PHANTOM and I think that he definitely deserves to get more credit than he’s given. But yeah, I know that I’m in the minority on that one.

9. Lucy Harris from JEKYLL & HYDE

Coleen Sexton as Lucy in JEKYLL & HYDE

Lucy is the character in JEKYLL & HYDE that I felt for the most, I think. Sure, Jekyll’s tragic, Lisa’s tragic, but I don’t know if they’re nearly as tragic as Lucy. At lest, they sure don’t seem to be to me. Lucy’s life is one that neither of them could possibly begin to understand. And well, she remains strong through it all, making the best out of every scenario.

10. The Mad Hatter from WONDERLAND

kate shindle.jpg
Kate Shindle as the Mad Hatter in WONDERLAND

I think that one of the things that I enjoy most about WONDERLAND is Kate Shindle’s performance as the Mad Hatter. She’s absolutely amazing. The Mad Hatter’s songs are all really great, strong, powerhouse songs and Kate Shindle knocks them out of the park. While yes, the Mad Hatter is a villain, she’s also one that is easy to get excited about. You  can really tell that she’s a villain who means business and, in all honesty, she’s a little crazy too (which is always a lot of fun).


Who are your favorite characters from musical theatre? Vielen Dank und tschüss!